On a Personal Note (+ Updates) – [2/21/17]


If you're reading this, than that means you've probably followed DIYorDIE for some time. You enjoy the work I put out, you enjoy what DIYorDIE does for the community and you enjoy what it does for the hobby itself. At the very least, you've been helped or educated in some way due to the various notes, articles, videos, podcasts, or recipes that I put out. Either way, you're reading this and for that I honestly thank you. This doesn't go on without you and if it wasn't for you, this would have no reason to even exist.

This is just a quick little blurb talking about a new personal landmark as well as some updates on content for DIYorDIE. To start out with the personal stuff, SHE SAID YES! Yes, that person you sometimes see in my videos - Kate - well I asked her to marry me and she said she would. I asked her on our 9th anniversary of being together, and that brought up many memories that we've had together during those long 9 years. While I won't get too into it, if it wasn't for Kate and her support, I probably wouldn't be here right now. So actually, if you enjoy DIYorDIE, you should thank her. But thank you to all you who have already sent your congratulations and thank you to the future ones to come. It's much appreciated.

But this proposal is the reason you haven't seen DIYorDIE's regular influx of content recently. I didn't realize how much work it is to ask someone to marry you. But now that's over, we're back to the usual grind. I want to stress a few things before I end this. One is that you should absolutely subscribe to the DIYorDIE Instagram and Facebook page. Both of these places are the drop off point for ALL content, but are also places that I use to create discussions, engage with community members, and leave more tips and learnings. Every article that gets posted, every piece of content, will graze the Instagram and Facebook to update all of you on its existence. I wanted to stress this because I still get members and supporters asking where certain articles, recipes, or notes are posted. Next are the MixTips, QuickTips, and BeginnerTips. MixTips is a video series that act as smaller videos packed with various mixing tips and tricks. This is available to anyone, no membership is required. BeginnerTips are small tips meant for beginning mixers, again packed with info and available for free to anyone. QuickTips on the other hand are quick blurbs about specific subjects, usually dealing with a bit more advanced mixing topics, that are only for Mixer Members. You will see much more of all these "TIPS" from now on. Also, I want to remind all of you members that you can write anything you want for DIYorDIE. If you have a topic or subject that you have written, or want to write about, feel free to get in contact with me. DIYorDIE has a huge audience and I want to give other great mixers this same platform to spread their knowledge. LASTLY, yes. This new "News" section is new. What this is, is where I will post the news of the day. Every day you will see this updated with the newest news articles dealing with things I think you guys should take a look at, updates on new recipes/flavor notes and what not, as well as updates and news on gaming/tech/art. Basically a dump of the coolest and most informative stuff of the day. So, cool. Just wanted to fill you all in on what's up.