Valentino: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries perfect for an after-sex vape on valentines day with the love of your life, after a long night of great red wine, and expensive meats and cheeses.



Chocolate Covered Strawberries On a Bed of Whipped Cream

This is the type of vape that you want to have right after a long dinner of expensive Sangiovese wines, and cave aged cheeses from Italy. Or right after a sensual and sexual moment with the love of your life, while Mazzy Star plays in the background. Pure Love and Heart in a bottle.


Flavor Notes:

CAP Sweet Strawberry / TFA Strawberry: The heart and soul of the recipe. This is the strawberry base that perfectly compliments all the other ingredients within the mix. If you've been mixing for a while, chances are you've seen this combo of strawberries before. It gives a sweet, candy like, strawberry, with an authentic juicy body. Perfect against the light cream bed, and holds strong against the chocolate

CAP French Vanilla / Marshmallow / Vanilla Whipped Cream: This makes up the light cream bed that the entire recipe sits upon. In this flavor profile, I find a lighter, more vanilla forward, flavor to be best and this combination of flavorings is perfect for that. The French Vanilla adds that strong rich vanilla accent that reaches throughout the entire flavor, but isn't heavy like a custard. And the marshmallow just gives that thick texture I enjoy with strawberries. But the Vanilla Whip is the secret ingredient adding this fluffy texture, that lifts both the chocolate AND strawberry in an optimal way. 

TFA Double Chocolate Clear: The chocolate covering of the recipe. I chose this chocolate as opposed to the others for its "darker" nature and because it's more separated than other chocolates. Not too mention its prominent, but not heavy. So it doesn't bog the recipe down with any unnecessary weight. When paired with that specific strawberry layer, it creates this delicious chocolate flavor that truly mimics the chocolate glazed covering of those treats. And the cream bed further contrasts both layers allowing a deeper and more satisfying separation. 

FW Cotton Candy / CAP Super Sweet: Vital enhancers to the recipe. The Cotton Candy gives the recipe this brighter, and more forward flavor to mainly the strawberries. But also "fluffs" the creams a bit and smooths out the chocolate layer. And the Super Sweet is optional, but extremely recommended, as it gives the entire mix a strong vibrancy. 



Recipe by

Wayne "Young Lungz" Walker

Owner/Operator of DIYorDIE Vaping