Flavor Talk: A Few More Creams

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Niche Creams

In this Flavor Talk I break down a few creams that I find useful, but in situations that are a bit more niche than other creams I already went over. Most of the creams I previously talked about seemed a bit more broad, and overall, have tons of usability. But they lack specialization, and that's where these creams come in. Each of these creams are unique, and specialize in their own sort of weird ways. While they're not MUST HAVE's, they are useful especially in specific recipes that call for their use. 

TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato

This is a flavoring that has a lot of uses. First off, check out the Flavorbook Entry Here to get a more indepth look at this flavoring, its recommended percentages, and what it can do best. One thing I enjoy most about this flavoring is its sweet and light nature. It makes it a bit easier to blend when compared to other heavier creams in its realm. The flavor is this slightly eggy, buttery, vanilla cream flavor. Working into bakeries, and light pastries, I have found works best. Being able to flex that butter note and and utilize that light, creamy egg, note is tons of fun, and will prove immensely helpful in those unique situations where you would call for those profiles. 

TFA/FW/FLV Creme De Menthe

This is the more niche of the bunch. This is a mint ice cream flavoring where a touch of menthol rings throughout its flavor. What I enjoy most about this flavoring is its actual flavor. In almost every situation I use this flavoring in, it remains as the main profile, or the star of the recipe. It's spot on mint ice cream and contains this wonderful dairy note that other creams just can't replicate. Pair that up with its light menthol and you have a flavoring that's sure to please anyone who's a fan of mints and dairies. 

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream

And this is the most useful out of the three. I've said this before, but when Capella gets a flavoring right, they knock it out of the park. And this flavoring is a perfect example of that. The profile is this full and fluffy whipped cream flavor, kissed with a touch of sweet vanilla. It's rick in terms of flavor, but light in terms of weight. If you need a cream that's light, airy, and won't get in the way of your lighter more subtle fruits, this is the flavoring to use. An absolute MUST HAVE.