Beginner Quickie: Why does my flavors color change?

Color Change

A lot of beginners ask me this one question. My flavoring is a different color than the last time I ordered it, is this OK? Or in another variation - My flavorings color got darker, does this mean it's bad? This is a question that's easy to answer and thus this won't be a long post, but it is a good question. In short, do not be worried. Color change of your flavorings DOES NOT mean they went bad, nor does it mean you got a bad batch, or anything of the sort. What it does mean is that your flavoring is just a bit older and thus "not as fresh." Because of three things - heat, light, and oxygen - flavorings go through tons of different phases. After some time, your flavorings might turn a bit darker and this is normal. You might notice when you mix and eliquid, or even an eliquid you purchase, after a long time it gets darker as well. It's just part of the "aging" process. Heat, light, and oxygen get into the mixture and "age" the aromas which change its color. Some flavorings you purchase might turn so dark that you can't even see through the liquid. This is just because of the types of aromas within the concentrate and how they react to those variables. Now, those three things are definitely something you want to avoid. So when storing your flavorings away, keep in mind those three things. And when you notice your flavorings getting much darker than usual, it's a good idea to give them a test. After time, flavorings do lose their potency, and that color change is an easy indication in knowing when its time to swap them out. Just mix them up and see if the flavoring still has a nice strong, vivid flavor. If not, then toss it and purchase a new one. So don't be too alarmed. It's nothing too drastic, color change just means things are getting a bit older. 


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