Beginner Quickie – Pie Crust

Focus on the Crust

Pie Crust is often overlooked by many DIY eliquid developers. It's usually looked at like as an accent note, which by its nature, is looked at as an afterthought. This is detrimental to the over flavor profile. The pie crust is a very vital aspect of pies, and makes up for almost half of the flavor itself. So you must treat it as such when crafting your pie recipes. One of the things to take note of is the filling of the pie. What type of fruit are you using? Are you making an apple pie? Lemon meringue? Chocolate Mousse?

This matters to the type of crust you should be adding. Ultimately that crust is there to not just act as another flavor profile, but as a compliment to the filling. Keep that in mind. For example, if you're crafting a Lemon Meringue pie, you don't want to use a heavy and overpowering graham cracker crust that hinders the lightness and subtlety of the lemon and light creams. You want a more light and flaky crust that sits in the back and adds texture to an overwhelmingly sapless mouthfeel. You also want that crust to be a bit buttery to contrast the richness of the creams. Choosing the right type of crust to use is important in drawing in the audience. And ultimately it creates a much more authentic and real experience.

So focus more on the crust. Don't be like these other eliquid developers and think of the crust as just a cool accent note. Treat it just like you'd treat your main profile. This should be routine because it will carry over into your other recipes, and make you a better mixer for it. The pie shares many of the same sentiments of other profiles. Wanna make a great poptart flavor? Well, starting out creating great pies will easily get you there. Pies will stress your skills, because it incorporates many different elements. And when you can treat each element with as much focus as the filling, you'll be making much more authentic and vivid recipes in no time. 

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