Beginner Blending MIXXED! Winner Crowned!

The MIXXED! Competition started off on Halloween of 2016. It opened with an immense amount of entries of hopeful beginners and advanced mixers alike all trying to get a chance to win that big prize. Over the next THREE entire months, we saw recipe after recipe. All being restricted a certain set of flavorings in the "basket". Finally on the last day of January in the next year, all the way out of Germany, a winner was crowned. 


Jens Schmitz


Round 1:
Apple Strawberry Roll

Round 2:

Donkey Kong's Secret

Round 3:

Pears Under Palms

Winning with a huge Round 1 and Round 2 where both rounds were completely dominated, but things got a little rocky after a bit of a soft round 3, Agathodaemon was able to pull through with a win in Beginner Blending's the first ever MIXXED! Competition. A much deserving win after an intensely long contest. 

Congrats to all those who particpated in this treacherous and tedious competition. Lasting throughout the entire 3 months, consistently releasing amazing recipes under intense restrictions, leaving the community with excellent recipes. We can't wait to see you all come back and try again!


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