JackVapes TVS Show: DIYorDIE + Fresh03 + Addy Tuney Show

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This is the stream that Jack Vapes channel produced, where legends Fresh03, AddyTuney, and I were on. We talk a ton about mixing, how we got into it, how to get better, and we show off a few recipes we created. Give the show a watch! Jack Vapes is a great new channel that is making connections with big youtubers like The Vaper Chronicles and Suck My Mod, that pumps out  awesome reviews and touches on DIY eliquid mixing aspects. Head over to the channel and show your support. And don't forget to subscribe and like if you're a fan of Jack Vapes content!

This is the recipe that I created specifically for the show

Mint Ice Cream


TFACreme De Menth4%
TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream4%
FWCotton Candy0.5

Flavor Profile: This is a super simple Mint Ice Cream flavor that's amazing right after a mix. Think of this as Cuprian, without any chocolate chips. And if you haven't mixed Cuprian, think a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, with no chocolate. A delicious after dinner vape, a delicious palate cleanser, and just an overall delicious ADV that's super easy to make.