MixTips: Understanding Texture

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Understanding Texture

You bite into an apple and you can feel it's slightly rough pulp brushing against your tongue. You bite into a cookie and its floury, gritty, sugary textures grinds against your mouth. You bite into a banana and it's thick and creamy body caresses your tongue. That my friend is texture. And luckily for us, we're able to transfer that feeling pretty darn well into our recipes. This #MixTips will help you understand a bit more about texture, and mainly talk about WHY we would want to introduce texture to our vapes.

Why should we add texture?

Very good question. There are a few things going on when we eat or drink that trigger our reward center in our brain. One of them being the feeling of the foods you eat. There's an interesting study that you can read here which will help you understand a bit more about what the hell is going on when we taste things. But on the topic of texture, specific foods to specific people trigger a more intense "reward" in their brain than others. Have you ever met someone who didn't enjoy a food like Cottage Cheese because of the texture? Well just like with flavor, texture is subjective as well. So what does this have to do with mixing? Well the more you can accurately portray a flavor profile to the audience, the more invested and connected they are in the experience. That connection is very powerful because it's igniting the brains reward center in the person experiencing it. The more senses you can hit with your profile, that's cohesive throughout your recipe, the more the person enjoys it. Science bitch. So yeah, texture just pulls you in deeper towards that experience. If you need one more example think of it like this. Vaping a chocolate chip cookie recipe, with no texture, is like watching a movie on your smartphone through your phones speakers. And vaping a chocolate chip cookie, WITH texture, is like watching that movie in your home theater center with full 7.1 surround sound. It's a deeper immersion, and overall, a better experience.

So I should make recipes around texture?

No. As I always say, flavor first. FLAVOR IS ALWAYS FIRST. If you build a recipe around the texture and sacrifice on the flavor, you do the opposite of what that texture is intended to do. Because flavor is so prominent in connecting the dots in what you want the audience to vape and what they actually taste, when you start to sacrifice on that specifically for texture, you start to distract the audience away from that goal. So with that being said, while texture is vital in crafting a deeper experience, it's not necessary in all recipes. Only the flavor is. If you're finding you can't quite make the texture work without sacrificing flavor, then just leave the texture out. Because as soon as you start to take away from the flavor, the losses are more than the gains. Furthermore, it's best to implement texture on the tail end of your recipes once you've nailed the flavor down.