Pebble Cream Bronuts

Pebble Cream Bronut



CAP Glazed Doughnut     1.5%CAP Sugar Cookie     3.5%FW Cake (yellow)     0.5%FW Fruity Flakes     4%FW Hazelnut     0.5%TPA Meringue     1%TPA Sweetener     0.5%TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream     3%

Total Flavor: 14.5%

Sweet Fruity Pebbles Sprinkled on Vanilla Ice Cream Slopped onto a Glazed Doughnut




This was a recipe that was created on Live Mixing 1/13/17. The recipe came out of thin air, really only being put together for its weird flavor profiles, and seeing if I could make them work. Luckily, because of the great ingredients involved, it does! The recipe is obnoxious, loud, and crude and definitely not for those who enjoy a more "subtle" flavor.


Watch me make this:


Flavor Notes:

FW Fruity Flakes: This is the star of the recipe and the entire recipe revolves around this ingredient. The flavor is your run of the mill, lemon, lime, orange, "Looper" type flavor that's a bit too cloying and sweet. But at 4%, and in conjunction with the other flavorings, the flavor seems to simmer down and you're left with a bright cereal flavor with wonderful texture. While you might enjoy other cereals of the similar profile more than this one, I implore you to try this one out first.

CAP Glazed Doughnut / Sugar Cookie / FW Yellow Cake: This makes up the doughnut base. The Glazed Doughnut flavoring needs a good amount of time to come out, but once it does it creates a bready, and sugary doughnut flavor. Now I actually really hate CAP Glazed Doughnut. I think it tastes and smells of PlayDoh, and overall it's a terrible flavoring. But with the sugar cookie and yellow cake it gets enhanced and allows it to lift up its "texture" and giving the flavor a more "dessert" like feel. Also, the sharpness and boldness of the cereal masks any kind of "Playdoh" flavor you might get, after a good amount of time. To be honest, TFA Glazed Doughnut is probably a much better option. 

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream / Meringue / Hazelnut: This is the ice cream/dairy base. I use this combo in many recipes when I want a thick and rich vanilla flavor with dairy notes on the backend. At those percentages, the ratio fits perfectly against the doughnut, giving a completely balanced flavor. One thing to note is the choice of TFA's Meringue over FA's. When I need to use the accents of meringue without much of its flavor, I enjoy TFA's a bit more. And that's what I'm doing here. It's easier to work with and blends in a lot nicer. The Hazelnut is there to give the recipe that nutty and malty "dairy" note that really sets the recipe off. Feel free to replace the VBIC with any other VBIC of your choosing. Just know that TFA's is often the one that's more rich and thick. 

(Optional) Sweetener: This is a completely optional ingredient. The recipe already is quite sweet, especially when you factor in the "fructose" that's loaded in both the Yellow Cake and the Fruity Flakes. So one, if you're one who doesn't enjoy and  "sugars" in your eliquids, stay away from this recipe all together. And if you're one who doesn't enjoy sweetener, feel free to leave it out. Honestly, I probably shouldn't have even put any in. I'm a sick man. 



Recipe by

Wayne "Young Lungz" Walker

Owner/Operator of DIYorDIE Vaping