MixTips: Juicier Vapes, StixxMixx NETs, New LiquidBarn Premixes


MixTips (1/9/17)

StixxMixx NET’s

Ty Edwards, a supporter, fan, and friend of the DIYorDIE sent over a huge box of his acclaimed N.E.T.s or naturally extracted tobaccos. With these NETs are also a few coffee extracted flavorings. I’ve heard many good things about StixxMixx NET’s so I was excited to find them at my doorstep. In the video I just give a peek at what they look like, and my first impressions. I will do a more indepth review once I’ve played with them enough. One thing is certain, they pack quite a punch!


New LiquidBarn Premixed Bases!

LiquidBarn always sends over their newest products for me to check out. I’ve always been impressed by not only the quality of their products, but they way they are packaged and presented. When I got their new Premixed Bases, or “unflavored” e-liquids, I was even more impressed. They come in a gorgeously designed package, easy spout caps for easy pouring, and of course all the documentation you need to know your product is grade A. Also their new flavoring packs are packaged in these boxes as well that screams quality. In the video I demonstrate how easy it is to use premixed bases, and I mix up an eliquid in less than a minute. Lastly, with LB’s new “measuring card” you don’t even need to bother with a scale or syringes. They really are trying to catapult mixing into the mainstream…and I love it!


Juicier Vapes

The last part of #MixTips, I talk about some of my favorite flavorings that enhance the “juiciness” of a recipe. These flavorings include FA Lime Cold Pressed, FA Blackcurrant, FA Pear, and FW Kiwi. All these flavorings do an awesome job at infusing a much more “wet” and luscious flavor to your recipes, without introducing too much of a bold flavor. Head over to the FlavorBook to get the full flavor notes of each flavoring.