MixTips Ep. 2 – Simple Recipes Are Cool Too // Stop Buying Your ADV, MIX IT! (DIY E-liquid Tips for Beginners)

Why the New Segment?

To start the video I talk about why I wanted to create MixTips and how the "change" of other vaping youtube channels, the fall in viewership amongst vaping youtube, and the strength of the DIY community has led DIYorDIE to push a more "video" focused, entertainment focused, segment. 


Simple Recipes are Cool Too

The nest part of the video I speak about how many mixers do not need to create extremely complex, layered, intricate, masterpieces, every time they go to mix something they want to vape. I talk about how "simple recipes" do not equal "bad recipes" or "novice recipes", and how simple recipes only refers to the simple flavor that comes from them. Many people just want a nice simple flavor to vape all day, and theirs nothing wrong with spending most of your mixing time trying to create the best simple recipes. As a matter of fact, simple recipes are often the most popular recipes in DIY. I also talk about how "simple, single flavoring ingredient, recipes" are a different thing, and that usually, single flavoring recipes don't meet the standards of many people.


Stop Buying Your ADV, MIX IT!

The last segment I talk about how vapers need to STOP purchasing their ADV's, and the money and time spent looking for that ADV recipe will give a much better return on investment, than continuously purchasing commercial eliquids. Beginner DIY Vapers often don't get the flavor they want from their recipes, so they opt to purchase their ADV's while they gain the skills or recipes for the exact flavor they want. This is a mistake, and all that time and money should be spent tweaking and adapting other recipes in the same flavor profile in order to quickly nail that flavor down. The amount of money saved is astronomical when you finally have that ADV recipe. Not to mention, one of the best feelings one can get in vaping. I also talk about how most eliquids on the market are slight variants of eachothers recipes, so if you nail one down, you nail them all down. And lastly, I talk about the role of sucralose when looking for that "commercial" flavor. 



#MixTips is a program on the DIYorDIE YouTube Network that mixes vlog style, documentary style, & educational cinematics into one, for the sole purpose of creating fun, exciting, and informative DIY eliquid mixing videos for beginners, advanced professionals, and anyone in between. If you enjoy MixTips please share the video along to your friends.