MixTips Ep. 1: Thanksgiving Recipe Tips (DIY E-liquid Tips)

A New Segment!

So #MixTips is a new segment on DIYorDIE Vaping on YouTube, where I will, almost every day, post some type of video talking about DIY Mixing, Vaping, behind the scenes of DIYorDIE, tech, as well as whatever I think would be cool to cover for that specific day. I feel that the YouTube looks a bit sparse, so I wanted to at least upload something on days where the main scripted videos aren't posted. This will give more content to you guys who only watch DIYorDIE on youtube and do not engage on the website, forums, or social medias. This is the first episode!


INW Two Apples:

INW Two Apples has quickly become one of my favorite Apple flavorings. It's not quite as tasty, bright, and intriguing as FA Fuji, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be. It's a more deep, and more complex, apple flavor which encompasses both the green and red varieties of apples. There's a slight tartness to it, it's sweet, but not candy-like, and it has a nice long finish. That finish is what led me to produce an apple cider with it. Only mixing it with a few other ingredients wielded an amazing recipe that is sure to pair perfectly with any Thanksgiving Day dinner. Pairing it up at 3% with 1% of FA Liquid Amber, a 0.5% of sweetener, and at a 60VG/40PG, gives me a nice, tart, apple cider with a long smooth finish that reminds me of a Angry Orchard, or a Strongbow Cider. Good stuff

RY4 Double:

Another great flavoring for Thanksgiving is RY4 Double. It's a great flavoring with a strong deep complexity about it, a deep sweetness, and a hint of smokiness that works perfectly with any type of Fall cocktail, such as Manhattans, Bourbons, and IPA's. What's great about RY4 Double is that it borderlines more on the "bakery" aspect of the flavor, where the brown sugar, the caramel, and the light cream are more the center of attention. Where the tobacco leaf just pops its head up on the tail end of the flavor. This gives you a great canvas to work with to introduce any type of fall accents you wish. Vanillas, heavy bakeries, light bakery, chocolates, butterscotch, whiskey, wood, the list goes on. So this Thanksgiving I'll be sure to bring some Stacio-RY4U (which you can get at ecigexpress.com and chefsflavours.co.uk)  as well as some Apple Cider vapes, and I'll be sure to cover all my bases.