Top 5 DIY E-liquid Support Bases (Beginner DIY Tips)

Top 5 "Stone" Recipes

1. CAP Vanilla Custard v1 - 0.5% // TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 4%

This is my "ice cream stone" recipe that works with any toppings and creates such a delicious and rich vanilla ice cream flavor. The Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a deep enough, and complex enough, flavoring that tastes amazing and stands up on it's own, without being too overpowering. While the Vanilla Custard gives a touch more eggy richness and denseness giving a much deeper dimension to the recipe. Remember to tweak the concentrations to fit your recipe, as sometimes a bit more Custard is needed to bring out more vanilla in heavier recipes. 

2. TFA Strawberry Ripe - 2% // CAP Sweet Strawberry - 3%

This is my favorite strawberry base. It has the best parts of the authenticity of a real strawberry but also the best parts of an artificial strawberry syrup. This is also a strawberry flavor that will give you Deja Vu due to many of the commercial eliquid developers using the same flavorings and ratio. I love using this with either the base layer mentioned above, or with my own dairy/milk recipe. It's bright, it's sweet, and it's very forward which is everything you want in a strawberry. If you find this is a bit too light in  your recipe, feel free to increase either the Ripe, or the Sweet, just don't increase both as you'll start to run into muting issues.

3. FA Fuji - 1%

FA Fuji is a phenomenal Apple flavoring that works in almost any fruit situation. Add it to whatever fruit mixes you have where you feel your recipe is missing that "zing" or that "pop". FA Fuji at 1% is all that's needed to bring the best fruits either together to create a harmony of sweetness, or further separate them to create a layered recipe with many dimensions. Don't go too crazy with Fuji as sometimes it'll overpower more subtle fruit notes, but also don't be afraid to use it in scenarios that you wouldn't normally think apple would fit in. It does surprise. 

4. CAP NY Cheesecake - 4% // CAP Sugar Cookie - 2%

This is my "Cheesecake Stone" that I love using and can't get enough of. It's extremely rich and thick and is delectable to vape. The NY Cheesecake is this super thick and dense cheesecake flavor with a touch of vanilla, but is a bit lack in the crust department. This is where the Sugar Cookie comes in. It adds a nice soft and gritty layer of buttery cookie that perfectly compliments the other flavoring, and adds to the texture of the recipe. I pair this up with a Strawberry or Blueberry mix, add a bit more dairy, a touch of sweetener, and there you have one of my ADV's I can't get enough of. 

5. TFA Marshmallow - 2% // TFA Whipped Cream - 1.5%

My "Marshmallow Stone" recipe. Perfect way to increase volume in your recipes, without adding any dairy or weight. So when I want some fruits that have a leaning towards a candy profile, I'll pair them with this base. It creates a voluminous, fluffy, and fun vape that's sweet, light, and addicting. You can sub any of the flavorings for either companies, as long as they are the Marshmallow/Whip Cream, and the ratio remains the same. So if you're looking to fill out some of your fruits or candies, and don't want any heavy cream or milk, this is the layer you want to add to your recipes. 

Honorable Mention: TFA Sweetener (Sucralose) - 1% // TFA Cotton Candy (Ethyl Maltol) - 1%

This is the ultimate sweetener I use in many of my recipes. Often times a recipe will lack that vibrancy, so a little sweetener is needed. This is where the Sucralose works best. Then adding in the EM will give all the flavorings within the recipe, a candy like touch, adding a brighter, more forward, dimension to them. A must have for anyone looking to capture that Commercial flavor.