Charlie Nobles Releases it’s PB Cereal RECIPE!


Pretty Matthew does what every vendor should do

when it comes to discontinued or cancelled e-liquids. And that’s to RELEASE THE DAMN RECIPE. It does nobody any good to cancel an e-liquid and lock away the recipe. Actually on the contrary, it does the company even better. Why? Because now a DIYer who probably wasn’t going to buy your e-liquid anyway, might mix up your recipe. And if that DIYer enjoys it, then they might purchase your e-liquids after. There are only a handful of mixers who give out their recipes to the liquids they sell (DIYorDIE is one). And every time you ask one of these vendors they will tell you the same thing. Releasing the recipe does not affect sales in a negative way at all. Most will agree (like me) that releasing recipes actually increases sales. And now Charlie Nobles has joined the club of the “for the consumer” vendors, who care more about the community and giving back than stacking profits and pushing margins. I applaud you Charlie Nobles.


Now click here to be taken to the blog post where the recipe is located.


Going to the blog post will give you the recipe, the story of PB Cereal, and then give you the fully fledged flavor notes which tells you exactly why the recipe works and why the recipe tastes as it does. Again, I applaud Charlie Nobles and Pretty Matthew for taking the time to create the flavor notes. It’s super helpful to mixers to understand how and why a combination of flavors tastes the way it does. They could’ve easily just posted up the recipe and gotten the same amount of respect, but they went the extra mile and I’m very happy they did. Excellent, excellent work.


Here’s the recipe (permission given by Matthew himself)


TFAPeanut Butter8.5%
CAPSugar Cookie5.5%
CAPVanilla Custard v23.5%
TFAMalted Milk1.5%
FWBavarian Cream0.5%
FWCotton Candy (EM)0.5%
Saline Solution1d/10ml
Acetyl Pyrazine1d/10ml

DIYorDIE’s Thoughts on the recipe

Now again, I absolutely love and applaud any vendor that releases their recipes, discontinued or not. It’s a great way to give back to the community and there really is no reason not to. But my favorite reason why they do this, is so I can see inside the head of the mixer and recipe developer. I can really see how they go about mixing their recipes and get a sense of their style of mixing. PB Cereal, to me, was an unimpressive eliquid. It didn’t quite nail the flavor profile.  I felt they really missed the authenticity and it was more on the creamy, custard, side than the gritty and sugary flavor of a Peanut Butter Crunch cereal. What I did enjoy about the e-liquid was the flavor, surprisingly. It was quite tasty, and if they were to call it a peanut butter creamy custard, I would’ve respected the e-liquid a lot more. Maybe that was just a marketing thing, to name the e-liquid a cereal, especially since it was released during the cereal days of vaping. But when I look at the recipe I can see why exactly it didn’t hit that flavor profile. One thing I can say about the recipe, is that the concentrations of each flavoring is perfect. TFA PB is a weaker flavor and you need a ton of it to really the the best out of it. And Sugar Cookie is perfect at 5%. I’m not surprised at the V2 of the custard, they are a company that wants the “safest” and “cleanest” eliquids and I respect them for that. But one big surprise was the inclusion of Saline. I would’ve never guessed adding saline to a peanut butter, but I can absolutely see how it works, especially when paired with Acetyl Pyrazine. Really interesting bending here, and it’s something I want to try out. I think the recipe could do without the Malted Milk, and maybe swap our the Custard, and I think it’ll tighten the recipe up a bit more. But overall, excellent work Charlie Nobles. Keep it up, you guys fucking rock, and the mixing community absolutely respects you.