So I needed a new mod. After selling a few of my old mods off, and having a few others die on me, I was only left with a couple mods left and needed to make room for another. Lately I've been getting into the more Highend mods, and I've been very happy about this decision. The artistry, the craft, the beautiful works, all tied in together with the bragging rights of owning a mod not many have. It's an alluring chase that many highend purchasers seem to get addicted too. I have a few friends who are in the HEMO game, and who have easily dropped over $10,000 on mods and atomizers. I'm not that fucking insane, but I do appreciate a nice mod. Now when I went to purchase this new mod, I was looking at higher end pieces like the Vapor Shark, Vape Droid, Sigelei 213. But then I realized that I could just goto and purchase a highend easy at a little higher of a price. And that's just what I did. I went to the site, found a color I liked, purchased it, and 3 days later it was at my house. Now what many of you don't realize is how amazing that is. In the highend game, just getting a chance to PURCHASE the mod is a hassle. Let alone even getting one. So it being this simple to purchase a gorgeous stab wood was such a breathe of fresh air. And I couldn't be more happy with my purchase


The Pro's

  • 188650 or 26650 variants. No more dealing with the Lipo packs of the older, more larger, version
  • Stunningly gorgeous wood work. I mean the color and the feel of this mod is out of this world. It's definitely a mod that'll turn heads.
  • DNA 75. Getting a modern chip (anything newer than DNA 40) is such a hassle in the HEMO Game. They're all stuck on the DNA 40, easily Evolv's worst chip, but not Axis. Axis slips in the best chip available with no compromise on size or power. 
  • Stunning Packaging. I mean the way they send this thing really make you feel like you're purchasing a special work of art. 
  • Form Factor. It's perfect. It slides right in the hand, isn't cramped, or too large, and firing button perfectly placed. They're hitting all the marks here. 
  • Easy to purchase. Again, this was a main draw of buying this. The fact you can goto, pick out a color you want, and its sent to you in 3 days is fucking insane. There is NO high end modder out in the game right now doing this. No one. Axis is fucking killing it. 


The Con's

  • Fat Daddy Vapes 510 is not my favorite 510. It's too deep in there, and if you have an Atty who's pin is non-adjustable and too short, you're shit outta luck
  • Thick. It's a bit too thick to comfortably fit in a pocket, and if it is in a pocket, it takes up the whole pocket. I feel it could be a bit skinnier. 
  • If you're not used to higher end markets, you're going to think this is really expensive. It's really not though, and for what you get, it's accurately priced. 


The Score

This mod is a gorgeous, perfectly shaped, beautifully crafted, amazingly presented, accurately priced, and stunningly smooth High End mod that is such a breeze to purchase with an asking price that is hard to say no to. If you enjoy high end mods, or you enjoy the art of mod making, you need to pick this up. 

4.5 / 5