Intro to Layering (Advanced DIY Techniques)

In this video...

In this video I explain what to expect in the Layering video series. Layering is a difficult and advanced DIY eliquid mixing technique. I explain who this series is geared towards, and who will benefit best from the information being provided. I also explain a bit about what exactly layering is. I explain what layering is useful for. I explain how layering is only a procedure or a technique that's utilized in order to get from point A to point B effectively. I explain how identifying layers is critical in recipe development, and how identifying layers in your own recipes and eliquids will help smooth out that transition. I also explain how layering isn't necessary to create good eliquids. It's just a technique that makes life easier. 


LAYERING 101 (What to Expect)

1. What is layering? The exact definition and procedure of layering. The differences between layering and refinement.

2. How to identify layers. How to find what flavors are where in your recipes.

3. How to put specific layers where. How to take a layer that is working in a specific way, into another layer of your recipe.

4. How best to utilize layers. How to make layers do specific things. How to take the best of your recipes layers, and further accentuate them. How to remove layers that are distracting

5. How to keep on track. Layering can be tricky and consuming, and sometimes you can lose track of your goal. How do you get back on track?

 6. Combining layers. How to make layers taste as if they are only one layer, or vice versa.