InTheMix With: Matt Topolski (Head of R&D at Charlie Nobles, Vape Dojo, Tenbuck Juice & more)

The Interview


In today's video I sit down with one of the most influential mixers in vaping. Matthew Toploski is the director of R&D at Walker Trading Company, and the eliquid developer for many popular eliquid companies most notably the Charlie Noble e-liquid line. Now I first talked with Matthew after Vurve got me in touch with him from one of his posts in reddits DIY forums. We chatted a bit and I was able to get him to come on my podcast and talk with my audience about mixing and recipe development. Since then we've kept in touch and became good friends and I was able to come out to the Vape Dojo HQ where he gave me a tour of their facility, and then sit down for a quick interview. In this interview we chat about the beginnings of his mixing career, we see his view on many topics in vaping, and we get an inside look at how one of the most popular eliquid developers in the game, goes about creating his art.



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