Let’s Talk: Recipe Etiquette & Recipe Theft

The Etiquette of the Recipe Post

  1. Your recipe should have a name, a description of the what your recipe tastes like, and a small summary of what and why you used the flavorings you did.
  2. Be open minded about criticism. All critiques are welcomed and are never personal (sometimes). They make you understand the mistakes you made, and give you a chance to fix them
  3. Do not expect everyone to like your recipe. You'll always have someone who will blatantly disrespect you and your recipe (this is usually personal). If this happens, don't engage. Just ignore, or ask for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
  4. If your recipe is derived from someone else's recipe, or from another e-liquid on the market, please make this known. This shows you are respectful to other mixers and their art. It's ok to be derivative, just not leeching. 
  5. Be sure to name any mixers who've helped you create your recipe. 
  6. If you're a DIYer who doesn't care about posting recipes, or notes, or summaries, don't feel bad. You're not forced, nor even expected, to post this info. This is more for those who want to make a name for themselves in mixing, and want to showcase their art to the community. 

Recipe Theft

  1. Recipe theft is anytime someone steals a mixers recipe, or work, and passes it off as their own. This is the most frowned upon act in mixing, and will get you banned from most places as well as blackballed from the community. You will also be made fun of for the rest of your life. 
  2. The only time it is ok to use or post or sell someone else's work, is if the creator gave explicit instructions to. No other reason is justified. 
  3. Recipe theft is not just stealing another mixers work and selling for a profit, it also happens in the DIY community where other mixers try to steal other's work and profit off the name of the mixer. Example, when an experienced mixer steals an "unknown" mixer's work and posts it as his own. 
  4. If you see any cases of Recipe Theft, SPEAK OUT. Tell everyone in your Facebook, Reddit, Forum, anywhere. 
  5. Recipe Theft is one of the biggest issues in the DIY community, though it is dying down now that the regs have been put in effect. This doesn't mean it's gone, but it has slowed down. 
  6. If you're a DIYer who wants to make a little side cash selling to family and friends, it's ok to use someone's recipe, as long as they are credited. This is a great way to cover your supply costs for mixing, and is encouraged. It's only bad when no credit is given, you're claiming the recipe as your own, and you're doing it as a business and advertising, operating strictly for profit. There's a difference from selling to friends crediting the original mixer, and advertising your service while no credits are given on the recipes you profit from.
  7. Recipe Theft is a huge nuisance and hurts the DIY community. It makes mixers not want to share their info in fear of being stolen from. So please do not engage in recipe theft, and please respect the art for what it is.