World Mixers Competition: THE LAST THREE (RECIPES)



Creme de Orange

This is a bare bones attempt at creating a decadent creme brulee spritzed with fresh squeezed orange and garnished with orange slices. Your palate will crave the actual dessert when you get notes of rich custard, burnt sugar/caramel, and a spritz of orange.

3%    INW Creme Brulee 

3.5% CAP Vanilla Custard V1

2%    FW Blood Orange

Total Flavoring: 8.5%

Steep Time: 1 Week

Stick to no more than 70VG since this is going to need the full week steep.

INW Creme Brulee: This ingredient is quite magical. You get a hint of vanilla, a rich custard taste that is sweet, but not overly sweet while also getting this amazing burnt sugar/caramel on top. Typically, I'd keep this ingredient in the 1-2% range in a custard recipe to create some complexity, richness, and to add to the overall custard vibe. It definitely plays well with custards since creme brulee is essentially a custard itself. I wanted this flavor to shine through the CAP Vanilla Custard to distinguish itself from a basic custard so I used it at 3%. Creme Brulee is one of those ingredients that grows on you and keeps you coming back for more due to its complexity and the fact that you can get the sweet custard, rich egginess, and burnt sugar tastes at different levels throughout the vape.


CAP Vanilla Custard V1: This bad boy bullies me into adding it in almost all my recipes for damn good reasons. It's thick, has a great vanilla, and can mesh with nearly anything as long as you know how to use it. At 3.5% I use it as more than just an ingredient to give body to a recipe. It's here to to carry INW Creme Brulee to victory on its highly praised foundation. I needed a bit more of a custard base to complete the creme brulee vibe.


FW Blood Orange: Now, this is the difficult part of the recipe. However, taking a big risk can lead to a great reward. On the other hand, the risk you take can ultimately lead to failure. I needed an orange to take this recipe from "meh just another custard" to "damn this is an original idea that can be built upon and taken to new levels". I wanted the orange to be present, but not to take over the entire profile. This ingredient is extremely difficult to fine tune and dances on the line of taking over and being an accent to others. My selection of FW Blood Orange at 2% adds just enough orange to freshen this recipe up and take it to another level. This flavor is almost a quintessential representation of an actual orange in vape form. It has that sweet, fresh, and juiciness that one would expect from an orange along with this ever so slight rind taste. To me, 2% of this flavor in my recipe portrays what you would get if you blended in the juices of a fresh squeezed orange along with the custard ingredients used in creme brulee. The slight rind taste really reminded me of a dessert garnished with orange slices. 


The three ingredient limitation was tough to overcome in order to recreate this complex real life dessert in vape form. It really forced me to dial in and use all three ingredients to their full potential. I very well could have chosen to submit something much more simple that has been done a few times before that I know everyone would love, but that's not good enough to be the Heavy Weight Mixing Champion of the World in my eyes. I decided to take a risk and create something that I have not seen done before in hopes that it would pay off in the end. This recipe will be an ongoing work of art for me until I nail it exactly like I want it. This is a great recipe, but there are some edges that need to be smoothed out and unfortunately that can only happen by adding a few more ingredients. Give Creme de Orange more than a few hits on an RDA to take in its full potential. It kind of needs to be vaped consistently in order for your palate to fully understand what's going on (at least in my opinion). Once again, thank you very much Wayne and all of the DIYorDIE crew for giving me this opportunity. I had no idea I'd be where I am today in regards to making my own liquid when I started this journey a year ago. I have learned so much from you and your crew that I can't possibly thank you enough. Despite the results of this contest, I will continue to create my best art and share it with the DIY community!



Krucial Butter Almond Custard

CAP Vanilla Custard--------------4%
FA Almond--------------------1%
FW Butterscotch Ripple----3.5%


Capella Vanilla Custard at 4% creates a solid custard base to build on. The addition of Flavorart Almond at 1% is ideal to bring a firm sweet nutty almond note and almost mutes the vanilla from the custard. This allows the Butterscotch Ripple at 3.5% to set up front with a creamy sweet butterscotch note.


On the initial vape you get a creamy sweet butterscotch flavor upfront. Immediately followed by a nutty almond note throughout the middle and a smooth very slight vanilla custard note on the exhale. So thats it, I really you'll enjoy it and if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times. Many thanks to you, Colton, Matt, Vurve, and Cokecan for all your hard work and all you guys do for this community. We are all truly greatful.



My Lemon Tart

6.5 CAP Lemon Meringue Pie

0.75% INW Biscuit

0.5% FA Lemon Sicily


Decided to go with a Lemon Tart as, out of all the recipes I mixed up for my first batch, this seemed to have the most potential. After choosing this profile, I began tweaking the flavours and their percentages. I knew I was going to be using CAP Lemon Meringue Pie for the main profile because it has such a rich, deep texture to it, and the lemon in it isn't overwhelming - if anything, it's barely there. This is why I decided to add a touch more lemon to the mix with FA Lemon Sicily. The combination of Lemon Sicily and the slight lemon curd flavour in the Lemon Meringue Pie proved to be exact lemon taste I was shooting for, after tweaking the percentage of the Lemon Meringue Pie a few times. The third flavouring used was harder to nail down. I tried a few different crust/cookie extracts at different percentages, and after some tweaking, INW Biscuit at 0.75% gave the recipe exactly what I felt it was missing. It tones down the meringue so you don't taste it as much, while giving the mix a bit more of a soft, buttery crust. Hope you enjoy!