World Mixing Competition: TOP TEN RECIPES


Below are the recipe entries for PHASE TWO of the DIYorDIE World Mixer's Competition. After the first phase which was to create the best cannoli recipe, ten mixers were picked to create the best recipe they can using only 8 flavors from TFA, INW, CAP, FA, and FW. These are the recipes from these mixers. The recipes highlighted are the top 3 winners who are moving on to the final round of the competition to be judged. 

Adam Biondo

My Vanilla Custard

CAP  Vanilla Custard v1 7%
CAP Vanilla Cupcake 2.5%
CAP Sugar Cookie 2%
CAP Graham Cracker 1.25%
FW Butter Pecan 2.5%
FW Yellow Cake 2%
TFA Brown Sugar  0.75%
TFA Vanillin 1.5%



Barret Myers

Pistachio Pound Cake

TFA Pistachio 3.5%
TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 0.5%
FA Pistachio 1%
FA Marshmallow 1%
FA Marzipan 1%
FA Meringue 1%
FW Yellow Cake 6%
CAP Vanilla Cupcake 2%


Aron Van Osnabrugge

White Devil

INW Strawberry Shisha 1.25%
CAP Sweet Strawberry 2%
TFA Strawberry 2%
TFA Dragon-Fruit 0.4%
CAP Lemon-Lime 0.3%
INW Vanilla Shisha 0.8%
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 4.5%


Logan Hodge

Blueberry Muffin Bites

TFA Blueberry Extra 2.5%
FA Bilberry 0.5%
INW Biscuit 0.5%
TFA Dragonfruit 1%
FA Joy 0.5%
CAP Marshmallow 1%
CAP Sugar Cookie 2%
FA Torrone 0.5%


Conner Saizan

Apple Cobbler

TFA Apple Pie 6%
TFA Brown Sugar Extra 1.5%
TFA Cheesecake (Graham) 1%
FA Cookie 1%
FA Fuji Apple 4%
TFA Graham Cracker Clear 1.75%
TFA Vanilla Swirl 1%
TFA Vienna Cream 2%

Jon Goldboro

Apple Buttah

FA Fuji 4%
CAP Butter Cream 2%
CAP Vanilla Custard 1%
FA Caramel 0.5%
FA Liquid Amber 0.5%
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl 0.5%
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 1%



Chris Devore

Raz Cran Cheesecake Ice Cream

TFA Cranberries 2.25%
CAP NY Cheesecake 6%
INW Raspberry 0.5%
FW Bavarian Cream 1.25%
FW Hazelnut 1%
TFA Vanilla Swirl 2.5%



Raymond Taylor

Banana Cream Cake

FA Banana 3.25%
FA Marshmallow 0.5%
FA Vanilla Classic 1%
FW Yellow Cake 2%
FA Vienna Cream 0.5%
FA Custard 0.5%


Zach Ziggas

The Trancinator

INW Strawberry 2%
INW Raspberry 0.5%
INW Rhubarb 0.2%
FA Apple Pie 2%
FA Cookie 1%
INW Biscuit 0.5%
INW Shisha Vanilla 0.5%
FA Cinnamon Ceylon 0.3%