LIVE MIXING (8/12/16): Closed System Conspiracy and Mixing Post-regulations



The UK Trip:

We talk about the trip I just came back from in the UK for Vape Fest UK 2016. 

Closed System "Conspiracy"

I talk about how the closed system drama everyone claims is a conspiracy is NOT a conspiracy but a true fact about how the vaping industry is completely changing

The Duchess Clone

We talk about the new tweaks to the Duchess and how it doesn't include Tres Leches by TFA

Strapple Raz Candy Mix

We mix up a "mystery" box flavor including apple, strawberry, and razberry


FAFuji 3%
CAPHoneydew Melon1%
CAPSweet Strawberry3%
CAPJelly Candy2%
TFAStrawberry Ripe1%
TFARaspberry Sweet2%
STEEP FORShake&VapeBest after 3 days