Pillow Talk – A Vanilla Peppermint Recipe (DIY Ejuice Recipes)





CAP Marshmallow     2.5%CAP Peppermint     1.5%FA Cream Fresh     0.5%FA Meringue     0.5%TPA Cotton Candy     1%TPA Sweetener     0.5%TPA Vanilla Bean Gelato     3%

Total Flavor: 9.5%


Pillow Talk is a light and fluffy vanilla peppermint with subtle notes of white sugar


The night before was hectic, loud, and invigorating, but one of the best nights of your life.  Nothing a tall glass of water can't fix. You're lying in bed with the woman of your dreams on a hazy Sunday morning. The smell of lavender from her perfume lingers in your linens. You turn on the TV and put on the news, but it's a slow day and nothing but happy people are displayed on your screen. You're completely comfortable, nothing is out of place, everything is just where it needs to be. This is when you reach for a recipe like PILLOW TALK. 

This recipe was created actually yesterday, the day before this post whenever you're reading this. On one of my Live Mixing series I mixed up a Vanilla Mint for the video. It was great, but needed some tweaking. I went back to look at my recipes that were similar to the one I created on Live Mixing, and saw this recipe. This recipe wasn't exactly "finished" before, so I took it upon myself to tweak it based on what I was looking for. Pillow Talk was a recipe that was so spontaneous, so off the cuff, the fact it works so beautifully is something that shocks me. Anyone that enjoys pillow mints, or vanilla mints, will absolutely love this recipe, I'm 100% guaranteed. 


Flavor Notes:

CAP Peppermint: This is the heart of this recipe. I've only tested CAP Peppermint, never really mixed with it before. So during that LIVE MIXING session was the first time I actually used it in a recipe. It's the perfect fit for a creamy, vanilla, mint flavor. CAP Peppermint just has that creamy backbone that allows such a tight bond between it and the rest of the ingredients. Not only that but the mint is so perfectly laid in the flavor. It's the perfect ingredient for this recipe. At 1.5% you get all that you need from it without adding too much of that "iciness" that comes from its mint. If you're a fan of really icy recipes, you can absolutely turn this flavoring up to your desired tastes.

CAP Marshmallow: Capella has done an excellent job with their marshmallow flavor. I chose Capella simply because it's more of a creamier marshmallow than TFA or FA's. And in this recipe I wanted to really make a cream base, that I would later turn into more of a "pillow" through the use of Meringue. And CAP's Marsh was the correct choice at 2.5% because you get that nice gooy mallow without too much weight. 

FA Meringue: This flavoring coats the entire mix in that "white sugar" flavor, while also lifting up that vanilla and bringing it more towards the body of the mix. It also turns everything into that pillowy airiness that really helps put this recipe into another level. This is the soul of the recipe, without it it feels as if somethings missing. 0.5% is where I landed because I just wanted to use a touch of its properties and I didn't want it too heavy in the mix. 

FA Fresh Cream: The only reason for this ingredient is to add a more non-vanilla cream to the recipe which helps tone down any "egginess" from the Gelato. 0.5% again, keeping it low, just because we don't need too much of it's flavor.

TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato: This flavor is the bulk of the vanilla flavoring. I didn't use TFA VBIC here because that flavor is much too heavy and much to "eggy". Vanilla Bean Gelato at 3% is a much more "sweet" vanilla flavoring that's easily manipulated with other flavorings. It's also nice and bright which is perfect with mint.

TFA Cotton Candy: This is just for the EM. Yes you could use regular EM in its place. But the EM, or Cotton Candy just sweetens everything from within. It's the finishing touches at 1% and adds just enough sweetness to the creams that it turns them into a more airy flavoring. 

(OPTIONAL) Sucralose: This flavoring isn't necessary and you can absolutely leave it out if you so please. I just enjoy a more sweet mint which is why I added it. Also, this ingredient gets rid of any "off" flavors that might come from the Fresh Cream or VBG. I wouldn't use more than 0.5% though.