Phase Two Details


Create one recipe and one recipe only to be judged. You get one submission. Use it wisely

The recipe can be anything at all. You have creative control.

Recipes are judged upon 3 levels

  1. Authenticity to flavor profile described. (If you define your recipe as a "strawberry milkshake" then it must be as close to that profile as possible to win authenticty points)
  2. Flavor Enjoyment (Your recipe needs to be enjoyable. Very enjoyable)
  3. Vape Experience (Does it vape well? Is it smooth? Is it easy to vape?)

Recipes can only contain 8 flavorings

Recipes can only use TFA, FW, CAP, FA, INW

Recipes must have a MAXIMUM of a one week steep

No help, no collabs, no posting for help on forums. This is completely you and only you.

Recipes must be in by August 4th. 2016. No recipes will be accepted after. 

Recipes must remain private. Only the hosts of the competition can know about the recipes until all recipes have been judged.

All recipes must be sent to [email protected]. Any other submissions will not be counted

If any rules are broken, at any time during the competition, you will be disqualified

Be sure to listen every Thursday 9:30pm EST on InTheMix Podcast for more details and evaluations of your recipes.

Now go out, and mix. 


What is this?!?

This is the first annual DIYorDIE Mixer's Competition. This competition is the first global mixers tournament of it's kind, bringing together mixers all over the world at a chance for a CASH prize and to claim the title of WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT MIXER OF THE WORLD. Many will attempt but only one will win. 


How is the tournament run?

So the tournament will be split into Three Phases. The first phase is the initiation phase, weeding out those who aren't up to par with the rest of the mixers. Anyone can join this phase, and what determines if you move on to phase two is if you complete the challenge better than anyone else. Phase one will only last 2 weeks and then no more entries will be taken. Then judging will go on to decide THE BEST 10 MIXERS. This judgment is based on how well the participant completes the challenge (read challenge rules on the right). After 10 mixers are chosen, they will all come up with their BEST recipe. They have 2 Weeks to get their recipes in, and only have ONE CHANCE to submit. After the two weeks then the final phase, the judgment phase, will go on. This is where 5 recipes will be reviewed LIVE ON AIR on InTheMix Podcast every Thursday  9:30pm EST, until all recipes have been reviewed (2 weeks). Then we will pick the best 3 recipes to move on to the final round of judgement. This final round of judgment will bring in other industry members and top mixers of the world to come and judge your recipes. Once a recipe has been chosen the winner will be announced on DIYorDIE's YouTube Channel, where you will come on and speak about your recipe. Then you will be given your cash prize of ($100 hopefully more as the competition goes on!) and you will be named The Greatest Heavyweight Mixer of the World, a prestigious title. 


When does this start?

This will begin on 6/16/16. The first phase will begin and starts the two week countdown to get entries in. 


What are the prizes?

So far the prize right now is

  • $100 CASH 
  • Chance to come on DIYorDIE and speak about recipe
  • Title of GREATEST HEAVYWEIGHT MIXER OF THE WORLD and your name on the Mixer's Hall of Fame on


What are the rules?

You must be 18 years or older to enter. You must follow all the guidelines of the challenge to be accepted. If you miss a guideline you won't be notified, you will just be disqualified. Any questions about the challenge should be addressed in email, over at the Contact Page. You only have 1 chance to submit, no re-submissions or re-do's will be taken. Take your time. If you're one of the 10 mixers chosen, you will be notified by email. Be sure to tune in to InTheMix Podcast to listen to your judgement. This is for FUN, if any contestant becomes aggressive towards me, the judges, or any other contestant, you will be disqualified. If you are the winner, you will be notified via email. You will be sent your cash via Paypal, so ensure you have a Paypal account set up.