Flavor Talk: Capella Exotics (Some of them) (DIY Ejuice Tutorial)

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CAP Golden Pineapple: A pretty good pineapple flavor that isn’t too artificial. Best used around 3-5%, but feel free to go higher.

CAP Cantaloupe: One of the best cantaloupe flavorings available on the market. Excellent flavoring that borders on the line between fruit and candy. Really smooth and great with Honeydew. Best used around 3-5%, feel free to go high

CAP Honeydew Melon: Excellent honeydew flavoring that has a bit more “candy” properties, though less candy that TFA’s offering. Excellent with creams. Best used 3-5%, feel free to go higher

CAP Sweet Mango: Great mango flavoring, similar to those Mango juice boxes from Asian food marts. Best used 4-5%, feel free to go higher

CAP Jelly Candy: More of an enhancer,  but when used with following ingredients you have an awesome “volume” booster. Use low, 1-2%.