Time Management (DIY EJuice Beginner Tips)

Time is one of the biggest expenses a mixer has. It takes quite a while to learn to develop good recipes, and then it takes a long time to actually craft those recipes. Once you crafted the recipe, then it takes a long time until you can even vape it. So time management is needed to really utilize the small amount of time we have and make time work for use, rather than us working against the clock. So this video will help give you some tips on how best to minimize your time costs and make sure your output production is much higher.



Learning how to mix takes a bit. Learning how to mix well takes even longer. Learning how to craft your own recipes that are well recieved by not only you but the public takes even longer. So education is one of the first time constraints you're going to run into. Doing your research before jumping into mixing will help speed this up. Make sure you're reading up on how exactly to mix, where the best places to buy things, the lingo mixers use, the way recipes are posted and read, the way to use flavoring enhancers, there's a ton of information you should know before even making your first purchase. And if you stay ahead of the curve and stay prepared, you will be able to jump right into mixing as soon as your materials get to you. Also now, education is much easier than ever. Before you needed to make sure you were in the right forums, knew the right people, and found the right sites to get into DIY ejuice. But now there's a ton of FB groups, websites, and even YouTube channles like this one that will help you gain the understanding you need to start mixing.



Now once you've learned to mix and you've started creating recipes of your own you might run into another problem. That problem is that it's taking too long for you to create a recipe from a flavor profile that you're chasing. Recipe development will take up the majority of your time as a mixer. This is where the largest percentage of time cost comes in. So one of the best ways to reduce this time and make time work for you is to participate in what we call BATCHING. Batching is very simple, it's where when you're in your recipe development phase of a flavor profile you haven't nailed yet, you create many variations of it all at once, in batches. This means you can steep, test, and tweak, an entire BATCH of recipes rather than just one. This is something you'll get into when your deep into mixing, and will be something you will get very familiar with. Now you can get very in depth with your batches, and I will definitely talk about batching more seriously in the future. But for now, just know that it's one of the best ways to minimize your precious time. 



This is a much more simple act that you can do to further shave off minutes of your mixing time. Is there an ADV recipe you have that you can not live without? Well create a concentrate of it. This way you can focus more of your mixing time on recipes you haven't yet nailed. If you enjoy my recipes, well shit, go buy some of my concentrates to have on hand to vape whenever your not in the mood to mix. It's much cheaper than going to your shop and buying a 30ml. Also, you can purchase premixed bases. For example, I vape 60/40 3mg pretty much no matter what. Luckily I can purchase a premixed base of just that to dump my concentrates in to mix in less than 1 minute. 



Staying organized is the best way to make sure you're not wasting any time. There are countless amounts of times where I want to mix but I'm left searching my mixing cabinet for the right ingredient. Or I'm trying to create a profile and I can't find the correct notes I have. Staying organized will extremely speed up your actual mixing process. Many people just aren't naturally organized and I get that. But if you do make an effort to keep all your notes in one spot, tagged appropriately, and labelled correctly, make sure all your concentrates are labelled and put away in a specific order that makes it easy for you to grab and go, mixing won't be so much of a chore. It'll be more like second hand, and you'll fall more into the habit, quickly becoming more and more engaged in your actual recipe development. 



Grab a friend or two. This will give you the biggest and most notable change in time costs. Because it's like having a simultaneous mixer. It's like having two of you. Having a friend help you mix is one of the best ways to quickly get the recipe you need. Not only do they help with actual mixing procedures, but with note taking, single flavor testing, recipe testing, beta testing, having a friend will greatly put you at an advantage. And the DIY community is one of the friendliest communities in vaping. So take advantage of that. Make some acquaintances in the forums or FB groups. They will help you get the recipe you want, and in turn, they also get a great recipe. It's a win win for everyone.