Let’s Talk About: Cloning Ejuice (DIY Ejuice Tips)

Rules of Cloning

  1. Get the "Reference". This is what your recipe will model after. 
  2. Vape the reference and really taste the flavors. Note all the MAIN FLAVORS of the juice and be sure to write them down. Note the top notes, base notes, and accent notes. 
  3. Find what makes the juice "special". What gives that specifc juice it's character?
  4. Blueprint your recipe. Translate all the MAIN FLAVORS you taste into flavorings you think match. Make sure you do this for every single flavor and note you pick up. 
  5. Be sure to balance the %'s to match the ratios of the juice
  6. Test your recipe / Take notes / Steep / Repeat. Do this until the juice no longer changes (usually 2 weeks). The better your notes the easier it will be to blueprint your next batch. Be thorough and don't be afraid to refer back to your reference to understand how close or far you are off the mark. 
  7. Tweak recipe until YOU are satisfied
  8. Post your recipe and research. This information is considered GOLD and will tremendously help other mixers who enjoy that juice. 


Want More info?


I dive much deeper into cloning in an issue I wrote in the MAY #2 issue. It clearly covers everything you need to know about cloning and effectively breaks down each step to give you a full understanding of the process. If you would like to read this, become a DIYorDIE Mixer's Member to get InTheMix Magazine now!