Golden Ticket – Chocolate Milk (REMIX)

MIX AT: 70VG /// 30PG
STEEP: Long // 1 Week

A Chocolatey, Creamy, Remix of a new Commercial Ejuice


So if you listen to my podcast you may have heard me talk about this ejuice. It is a Chocolate Milk called "GOLDEN TICKET" by MET4 VAPOR. It's not a complex ejuice, nor even really that interesting, but I can't deny how tasty it was. And if there was one word I could use to describe it, it would be addicting. So I wanted to try and see how close I can get to it for those who can't afford that ridiculous price tag. I got pretty damn close, and the best part is it'll cost you less than a dollar to mix.

Flavor Notes:

TFA Double Chocolate (Clear): Now as soon as I vaped this ejuice I immediately knew what the main flavor was. It was a flavoring almost every mixer has had the chance to try. That flavor was none other than Double Chocolate Clear. It's THE flavor of this ejuice and if you don't have this flavoring, you can't make this recipe. The model is much less chocolatey, and that's due to the lack of chocolate flavor coming from Double Chocolate. Think of a more creamy and milk Tootsie Roll. That's the flavor from Double Chocolate. And that flavor works well with other creams to create a chocolate milk. Here I settled at 5% and it gives just the right amount of flavor that the original model has, but I also put 10% because if you find you want a bit more chocolate, you can add it without ruining the recipe. So play around with it to your tastes.  This is some good stuff, and one of the only chocolates I've tried that doesn't give me a "bandaid" flavor. 

TFA Vanilla Swirl: So vanilla swirl is such a versatile flavor that it was hard not to use it in this recipe. It adds that sweet creaminess to the recipe giving the vaper that "milk" flavor that's missing from the original recipe. It does nothing else, and when added with the Chocolate just create a delicious chocomilk flavor. 

CAP Vanilla Custard: I didn't really think that there was any custard in the original recipe, and it's because the original is just too thin. So adding this in there really helps give the chocolate milk some weight and allows the vanilla swirl to really come out. It also fills out the vanilla swirl and just creates a much better flavor altogether. Without the custard you get something too thin and much like the original, which is where I wanted to capitalize. Just 1% and if there was anymore you'd start to add that eggy flavor into the mix and you don' want that.

Ethyl Maltol: Now this was the secret ingredient in the mix. Upon vaping the original again, it wasn't until the last very second I realized how they created such a creamy chocolate, and it was the addition of EM. The EM lifts the sweetness of the chocolate and just calms it down. If you find 1.5% is too much, feel free to drop it to what ever you think is fitting. Though I wouldn't take it out because then you'll be missing that main profile that comes from the chocolate.

Sucralose: The original has that "sweet lips" you guys are always talking about. I can taste the sucralose in the original very much so, but I don't knock it for using it. TFA Double Chocolate NEEDS sucralose to really help it out and let the flavor jump out a bit more. Without the sweetener the chocolate ends up just becoming too bland, and only after 2-3 pulls, you'll start to get olfactory fatigue (vapor tongue). So use it at 1%, or 1.5% if you want it more closer to the original (which is what I enjoy). It's not a MUST HAVE, but it's 100% recommended.