Triple C’s – Caramel Cream Cake


MIX AT: 60VG // 40PG
STEEP: LONG // 2-3 Weeks



Creamy, Carmel'y, Cakey

So it's been a while since I have tried my hand at an original profile. I've been really into caramels and RY4 type flavors lately, but my heart still grows fond for a good ol' cake recipe. This recipe is me kind of taking that sweet sugary caramel flavor I've been addicted to lately, and pairing it with my expertise on cakes. I promise I won't take this recipe down anytime soon.




Flavor Notes

CAP Vanilla Custard v1: Yup. Here I go again using an ingredient that many people try to stay away from. I'm sorry. But the flavor is just so damn good. I also can't find any other ingredient that gives the exact weight I need. I'm just really good at taking this ingredient and syphoning its flavor into specific areas. In this recipe, this VC is used to add to that "frosting" and also give the entire recipe a strong base to sit on. The last thing it does is give the Caramel something to hold on to. This is the reason why this flavor has such a strong caramel flavor. 

TFA Graham Cracker (Clear): This ingredient is necessary to add depth to the vanilla and turn a really white ad bright vanilla into a more darker one. One that matches better with a vanilla cake. 

CAP French Vanilla: This flavor combined with Vanilla Custard creates a delicious vanilla. And when paired with the Graham and everything else, that vanilla because smooth, velvety, rich, and bold. Not to mention it adds to the cohesiveness of the Caramel. This is a must when making this recipe.

TFA Marshmallow: This is just used to add some airiness to the mix. Give the cake some "bounce" Not entirely essential, but does make a difference. 

FW Yellow Cake/ CAP Vanilla Cupcake: Obviously this is the cake body. Very rich and present. The problem with these ingredients is that it creates a MUCH longer steep when in conjunction with all the vanilla's and creams. It's needed though and once that cake comes out and adds texture and'll be in heaven. Just be patient.

FA Caramel / FW Butterscotch: These ingredients create the caramel and butterscotch notes. I specifically mixed them in so when you take big deep inhales, on the exhale is when you'll get that blast of caramel. I layered these in perfectly in this recipe and if you want to mimic this effect follow this recipe. It creates such a nice silky smooth caramel flavor that's rich, bold, and utterly divine.