Let’s Talk About: SIMPLE RECIPES (DIY Ejuice Tips for Beginners)

Simple Recipes / Simple Mixes

So this video and article are about the subject of simple recipes. I get a ton of comments and questions usually from newer mixers that are about simple recipes. A newer mixer usually wants to know what are some easy recipes to make or what I would suggest a newer mixer mix up. But this topic isn't so linear. 

I wanted to make this video to show off the fact that simple recipes are not only simple to make, but simple in concept. Just understanding how easy it is to mix up a juice with a fruit pairing or single flavoring recipes, will help out tons of beginning mixers. 

So watch this video to gain some understanding of exactly what to expect when its your time to start coming up with your own recipes. There's no reason to be afraid of anxious once you sit down to mix for your first times. Just find out what you like, find the flavor you need, and get mixing!