Let’s Talk About: CREAMS (DIY Ejuice Tips & Help)


In this LET’S TALK, I speak about creams, showcase my favorite creamy flavorings, and explain how and the best ways to use them.

Creams are great to use to add lots of weight, mouthfeel, lung fill, and volume to your recipes and vapes. If you have ever vaped and thought that it wasn’t too satisfying or didn’t “hit the spot” chances are your recipe is too thin or light. One of the best and most effective ways to solve this is to use cream. Cream is going to fill out your recipe, adding weight to your palate and filling your lungs to a satisfactory level. Another great thing about creams is that they are delicious. To me personally, nothing beats a velvety, rich, and heavy vanilla flavor, loaded with fruits and bakery notes. These recipes are my favorite to vape and this video¬†will help you find those profiles a lot easier when it’s your turn to mix up some creams. (DIY Ejuice Tips and Help)