The One With So Much Vape

Just So Much Godamn Vape


In tonight’s almost THREE hour jam packed episode, we sit down with one half of DIYorDIE’s absolute FAVORITE vape review and vlog duo, Daniel from So Much Vape. Click here to check out their amazing content.¬†We talk about our favorite reviewers, the problem with upcoming reviewers, why it is hard to break out in the vape media and what you need to do to do that. We then sit down with excellent mixer, new moderator of /r/DIY_ejuice, and maybe new co-host, SKIDDLZNINJA to talk about mixing. He gives us a breakdown of what he went through to get where he’s at in mixing and drops off one of his best recipes. Click here for the link to his recipe. We then talk about DIACETYL, and the inside scoop on the Smog Distro fiasco. This was on of our better shows, and we’re only getting better.