Bluenuts – A Sequel to Bronuts

FLVBlueberry Muffin4%


Bluenuts: A Blueberry & Lemon Zest Doughnut

The "sequel" to the infamous Bronuts recipe. This is a very full and satisfying Blueberry Doughnut flavor, with a touch of Lemon and Nougat on the end. It is a PERFECT vape with some delicious craft coffee, and a real donut or bagel. Completely made to be a morning vape.

Flavor Notes

FLV Blueberry Muffin / FA Bilberry: As you'd except this is pretty much the entire base of the recipe. Now FLV's offering does somewhat of a good job creating an all encompassing blueberry muffin flavor, yet it lacks any real weight. FA Bilberry really helps pull out the blueberry from the muffin and does a good job of creating that *baked* blueberry flavor. **You can up the bilberry if you want a little more**, though I wouldn't go over 1.5% because it will really start to overpower the subtlties in the base.

FA Cookie: This adds the extra weight that is missing from the FLV flavoring. It also helps make the entire mix a little more "rough" and really adds to the bread. 1.5% if kind of at the higher end for this flavoring, but deep flavor from the blueberry helps round out those edges, and they really work well together. Honestly, FA Cookie and FA Bilberry alone would make for a nice quick vape.

FLV Butterscotch: This pretty much adds authenticity to the flavor and turn it from a muffin, over to a doughnut. The difference in flavor in their real life counterparts is very subtle (from a muffin to doughnut), and what **I** believe separates the two is that fried sweetness you get from doughnut that isn't in a muffin. This flavoring adds that.

FA Torrone: This brings everything together, makes everything a touch more velvety, and also adds the touch of lemon that brightens everything up and makes the recipe a touch more complex. If you'd like a bit more lemon, you can bring this up to 1%. I absolutely love this flavoring and in bakeries it's a cheatcode. This is vital to the success of this recipe, and without it you get somewhat of a flavor that's just too deep and dark. This should be in your arsenal anyway.

Options?: So one thing I definitely want to do with this is add some kind of nut in this. Such as walnut or pistachio. This flavor is on the deeper side and one way to play to its advantage is incorporate some kind of nuts. I haven't found anything to work right now, and I encourage anyone who likes this recipe to mess around with it. Also, if you want more of a lemon flavor from this, because it's quite hidden in here, I would try using Lemon Meringue Pie or something with a more smooth lemon flavor. Initially I wanted a lot of lemon so I was using these harsh lemon flavors such as INW Lemon Shisha and FA Lemon Sicily, and I just couldn't layer them in, in a way that fit. So I'd advise to try and utilize that Torrone in a way that will really bring out a lemon flavor from a smoother and creamier ingredient. Lastly, if you feel you want some more "crunch" or some more "bread" flavor you can use a touch more cookie or adding in a touch of AP. That should do the trick. I tend to like my recipes a little more softer and creamier so I'd understand if you feel there ain't enough bite to it.

And that's it. All these ingredients pretty much make sense, and nothing too crazy in going on here. I ran in to trouble creating this recipe by doing something that I always do when mixing and that's overthinking it. I would often use my brain instead of my palate to work out issues and it always leads to jumbled and confusing recipes. For example I tried mixing in all these different kinds of bakery flavors to create a base, when all I really needed to do was build from an all ready created one. I keep forgetting a golden rule in mixing that I always preach, and that's "less is more". So I hope you guys like it, I know I do. Please let me know your thoughts on it if you mix it up, it only helps! And lastly, I said I was working on a strawberry glazed doughnut recipe and I know a lot were wondering when it'll come out. I am still trying to wok that one out, but like I said I'm having issues incorporating strawberry into a fully bready flavor profile. I'm just not having luck with any of the "main" strawberries available, but I am looking at more obscure ones to try. Ok I'm out. Keep mixing!