Let’s Mix: Misty – A Mixed Berry Juice / Candy Recipe


FLVBoysenberry3 - 4%
FAFuji Apple2 - 3%
INWShisha Strawberry4 - 5%





A Super Sweet and Super Satisfying Mixed Berry Recipe That Takes You Back to Playgrounds and Lunchboxes

The inspiration for this recipe was a Ssips Mixed Berry juice box that I used to fancy as a young boy. It was almost as if you were drinking straight berry candy, and would fuel me for hours before the sugar crash led me to nap time. This recipe has bright notes of Blue Raspberry, Rasperry, Apple and Strawberry all laced under a mountain of sweetner. But it's not too sweet where it becomes off putting or distracting. Just sweet enough to leave you wanting more.

Flavor Notes

FLV Boysenberry: This flavoring is absolutely wonderful. This is one of the most popular Flavorah flavors for good reason. The flavor that comes with it is a wildly delicious and interestingly satisfying boysenberry flavor, which is pretty much a cross between a raspberry and blackberry with the sweetness turned up a notch. When comparing towards the reference (the Ssips juicebox) we see that it's a perfect match to the main fruit profile of the beverage. So I decided to use this as the main note in the mix, and wanted to use it to build from. What is great as well, is that Boysenberry is very easy to build from because of how forgiving it is. This is why I'm leaving the percentages quite loose in the recipe. You can pretty much tweak the percentages to fit YOUR palate and whatever you enjoy more. For me, I like a little more Boysenberry up front so at 3% you get all that you need from it.

FA Fuji: Everyone should have this in their flavor arsenal. This flavoring is one of the best available, and it's a beautiful pair with the boysenberry. Now with the Ssips juice, you don't really taste much apple, but we need to bend the raspberry a touch to really make it tart and give it that "candy" quality. this is what the Fuji apple does. It brightens up that Boysenberry, sweetens everything it touches, and adds to the strawberry we're adding in next. At 2% the apple flavor itself is quite subtle but at 3% is when you get a touch of that apple flavor, so use at whichever you feel like. 

INW Shisha Strawberry: The secret weapon of the recipe. The entire Shisha line from Inawera is a hidden jem. Very sweet, vivid and vibrant flavors are in this line and I'm so happy someone recommended them to me. With the Shisha Strawberry, think of INW Raspberry Koncentrat...but in strawberry form. That's what it tastes like to me, a sweet candied, almost artificial, strawberry flavor that is perfect in a recipe like this. This flavoring adds those tiny complexities in the recipe and really turn up the flavor another notch. The Ssips flavor has a very nice and layered strawberry in the juice, where the strawberry is prominent, but doesn't over power the raspberry, and at 4% you get the same experience. But if you want, 5% will definitely add a touch more of that flavor and sit neck and neck with the boysenberry. This flavoring cannot be substituted nor omitted and is a major component to the taste of the recipe. If you don't have Shisha Strawberry, you don't have MISTY...unfortunately.

FA Marshmallow: This is flavoring is needed to really round everything out and give the mix some volume. Without it, the recipe doesn't have any weight and seems kind of incomplete. So we use Marshmallow at 1% to really reel everything in and add the final touches. Now if you don't have FA Marshmallow you could use FA Meringue, or TFA's, CAP's, FW's, Marshmallow here because we're not really getting any flavor from it. We are just taking its properties to further support the other fruits. With that being said, FA's offering is the best one to use because it really has that sweetness that's needed for this recipe that the other's just don't have. 

(Optional) Sucralose: Now I didn't mention this in the video because it's completely unnecessary, as the recipe is already quite sweet without it. But if you're the kind of vaper who really enjoys the overpowering sweetness you get from a lot of commercial juices, then add some Sucralose (10% dilution) in here at 1% to really turn the sweetness factor up over 9000x. 

Preferred Base Ratio and Vape: So when every you have very vibrant and vivid flavors, such as candies or fruits or cocktails, vaping with a higher PG concentration really does make the recipe much more in your face. I personally do not like it when the flavor is so strong and 70vg/30pg is a perfect ration for me. But if you are one of those, or you're a vaper who like Kayfun's and Nautilus's then you might benefit from a higher PG mix, such as 50/50 or 40vg/60pg. And as for temps, this mix does well at lower temps because of how light and "juicy" the recipe is. It's somewhat of a delicate flavor so vaping around 400F is optimal. And that's it for the recipe. A very simple recipe for a simple vape with tons of flavor and tons of satisfaction.