The Beginner’s Guide (pt. 1) – The Mentality of a Mixer and The Attitude Needed to Succeed


So you want to start mixing your own eliquids?

There are many reasons why vapers turn to making their own eliquids. You're fed up paying high prices for bottles of ejuice that are only going to last you a day or so. You're tired of the same ol' flavors being repackaged and rebranded over and over again. You want something new and something that will quench that thirst you have for a specific flavor. You're getting bored with vaping and new products and coil builds are leaving you melancholy. You want something that will reignite your love for vaping. Well then you're in the right place. 

Mixing your own eliquid is the most cost effective, sustainable, and efficient way to exactly get the vape you want. You can make yourself a flavor that perfectly suits your needs, for pennies on the dollar. So why haven't you heard about this before, or why isn't everyone doing it? Well, mixing your own eliquid does take some time and patience. There is a lot of research to do, a lot of supplies and ingredients to buy, and a lot of time that's needed to efficiently produce vapeable eliquids, let alone good ones. This is not to scare anyone away. Rather, it's to prepare those who are ready to take the jump to DIY mixing, and get them to understand exactly what to expect from it. 

Below is the audio that will explain the mental preparation and attitude needed to become a good mixer and someone that can produce themselves an ADV. Listen to the audio to know exactly what to expect when jumping into DIY mixing.


While you are listening, here are some links to help you on your new journey.



This is a great DIY eliquid mixing site with an even better community. The sidebar is full of excellent newbie content, and the search bar allows you to specifically find any question you have. 

Vaping Underground

Another awesome forum full of excellent mixers. Post any questions you have and someone with experience will answer, guaranteed. 

E-Cig Forum

One of the oldest DIY eliquid sources, and also one of the biggest. This forum is an archive of great information, flavor notes, and recipes. A definite bookmark in any mixers browser.

E-Liquid Recipes

A website where users post their recipes and get rated on them. Also, the forum on the site is one of the best mixing forums on the web. The website doesn't exactly have the most accurate information, but it is constantly updated and being worked on. And will one day become one of the best sites for mixers.


Now this is only part one of a 3 part series where I give you new mixers EVERYTHING there is to know about mixing. After the 3 part series you will be absolutely ready to tackle any project, any clone, and any recipe. So stay tuned for more upcoming Beginner Episodes.