How to use an eJuice calculator and mix with a scale

This video shows you exactly how to use an eJuice calculator and how to mix with a scale. 

Mixing with a scale is by far the EASIEST option to making eliquid. There is no clean up, there is no mess, it is incredibly quick and efficient, and best of all, it's more accurate. It makes no sense to continue mixing with syringes after watching this video. Here I show you exactly how to mix with a scale, using the tare feature. Also in this video I show you exactly how I use an eliquid calculator. I take you through all the different values, and explain how I keep my notes with my calculator. This method of using an ejuice calculator, with a scale, will VASTLY improve your mixing, allowing you to mix so many more batches, at a fraction of the time, with little to no clean up. This method will make you a much better mixer. 


Here are some links to some of the equipment and software shown in the video:


Click here for a great scale


Ejuice Calculator:

BOTBOY141's Guide to Mixing By Weight (Where specific weights are)