InTheMix Magazine The First Issue is now available for purchase and download


Head over to the InTheMix Magazine tab to check it out and subscribe, or if you just want the issue, head over to the Shop to purchase it. Remember, Subscribers get many perks added on, NOT just InTheMix magazine. So check out the subscription page for more details.

If you do get the issue, or the subscription, after payment you will be redirected to your My Account page (if not just head over there, it's at the top of the page). There you will see your available downloads. There will be two files, a ZIP with an EPUB recommended for your smartphone or tablet, iBooks, or any ebook reader (Best quality). As well as a PDF file for viewing on a PC or any PDF viewer.

The first issue talks about the conception of InTheMix, a look at Capella's Vanilla Custard, A look at great RDA's for testing flavors, A beer review of Shipyard - Pumpkinhead Pumkin Ale, a brand new recipe called Shortbreads, and an article about the role vaping played in my life. This issue is a little lighter than what's to come, but is a good introduction at what to expect from future issues. I really hope you enjoy it, and I think this is going to be a great addition of content to the barren DIY scene. Also, if you subscribe you get a chance to WRITE for InTheMix, and if I accept your articles more than once I WILL PAY YOU. So go check it out already!

**Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and bought an issue already. It has been a VERY successful launch and I can't wait to see where InTheMix goes from here. I really couldn't have done it without you all and the DIY community. We are doing some cool things and finally starting to get the recognition we deserve!**