CAPSugar Cookie6%
CAPVanilla Custard2%
TFACheesecake (Graham Crust)3%
TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%

MIX AT 70VG // 30PG




FUNFETTI CAKE: A Decadent and Rich Yellow Cake Covered in Vanilla Icing, Topped with Sprinkles


This recipe hits a lot of the flavor profiles I really enjoy. It's nice and fluffy, has this yellow cakey, sugar cookie type base, and it's covered in vanilla bean icing. Great as an after dinner vape with espresso. This was also one of the hardest recipes for me to figure out. It could be better, and I'm sure it will get there with tweaking. But as of now, it's too delicious to not give out.





This was one of the most annoying recipes I've had to come up with and still I feel that it's not 100% accurate. For some reason, the flavor profiles that are associated with this flavor, just weren't clicking with me. I actually was going to release this recipe a couple weeks ago, but the batch I tested just wasn't cutting it. And I felt it didn't really hit the mark I wanted it to. It was yummy, but it just wasn't as accurate as I wanted it. So in order to crack this code, I actually had to take a little break from mixing, and actually vaping. I needed to give my nose and taste buds some time to kind of reset. So I took a few days off to deal with some stuff, and it did wonders. You can check out how this little break really helped me over in my Tips And Techniques Blog. But once I got back, I felt I knew exactly what I was doing wrong, and how to fix it. And so I made a few batches, and here it is.

CAP Sugar Cookie: 

This is the main flavor of the mix. Capella really did a good job on this flavoring, as it captures the essence of cookie pretty well, and it's fucking delicious. The reason I'm using this as a main note is because it holds up to all the other flavorings and stands as the perfect base for a birthday cake. This flavor really has that white sugar yellow cake flavor profile associated with Funfetti, so I had to use it. We're going to use it at 6% because we need all of it's qualities to come through. When you test this flavor at 5% you do get full flavor and most of it's qualities, so we gotta bump it up another 1% so it can hold up against some of the creams and vanilla's we're going to introduce

CAP Vanilla Custard (v1 or v2): 

This flavoring is needed to bind everything together and add egginess. Also this flavor does a great job of adding in vanilla that pairs really well with cake. It's not an artificial tasting vanilla, and more of a nice thick and rich vanilla. This is one of the most used flavors on the planet, so get used to seeing more of this. It just works so well as a supporting flavor that also plays off of main notes so well. If it's not a main note itself. We're going to use this at 2% because we don't want to weigh our mix down too much. We just want it to support the Cookie, add some vanilla, and help bind the other flavorings to eachother. If you really want a more eggy and creamy cake, you can bump this up to around 3% but I wouldn't go any higher because you'll start to overtake some of the other flavorings too much.

TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust): 

Now this was one of the flavors that I didn't realize I needed until after I took my little break. This flavor just lends the mix it's really great sweetness, that's missing if omitted. That creamy and sweet cheesecake flavor that's in this ingredient, really works well with the Sugar Cookie, and what it does is boost that sugar content in the sugar cookie. Funfetti cake is very sweet so we need to really find ways to turn up that sweetness without adding any artificial flavors. This is just one way I do that here. This flavor also works as a thickening agent, and adds that rich body we need to carry that vape. That little graham crust we get adds to the authenticity of that "cake" by giving it a little more character. And lastly we need this flavor to start working on that super sweet and creamy Icing. At 3% we are able to achieve these results. Remember, we gotta try and use as little flavoring as possible, to achieve the flavor profile we want, and I found that 3% of cheesecake is just the right amount without adding in any other unwanted notes. 

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream:

This stuff adds in some more vanilla, as well as helping the cheesecake make that icing we need. Icing is sweet, light, and creamy, it's not cheesecake thick. So this really tones down that thickness and smooths everything over. So adding complexity to the icing and cake is what this flavor achieves at 3%. Again I wouldn't go any higher because you don't want to run the risk of over-flavoring with that vanilla flavor and muting out certain subtleties.

FA Marshmallow:

This flavoring literally adds the icing on the cake to this mix. Icing is kind of "waxy" because of the amount of sugar that's in it. This flavoring really does the perfect job of adding that flavor profile in without making anything taste artificial. I would almost go as far as say this flavoring is essential into the success of the recipe. It really does add that final note of complexity that really lifts the recipe up. 2% gives us the full amount of flavor from this ingredient and adds that nice sweetness throughout the entire mix.

FA Joy:

Now on to the most niche flavoring ever created. Remember how I used Joy in my Bronuts recipe? We're pretty much using that same mentality in this recipe. We need that odd sweetness from it to boost the flavor of that "icing" and creaminess, and we need that bakery flavor to add some more body and complexity to the cake. Very simple use, but knowing when to use this flavor is the key. And recipes such as this one where you have a certain sweetness paired with a bakery, is the perfect time. We just need enough to bump everything up a notch, and 0.75% is the perfect amount. This percentage really hits that spot and also adds just enough flavor to kind of mimic those "sprinkles" that freckle the funfetti cake