SX Mini M-Class REVIEW

You can purchase the M-Class for $200


This mod is a solid device and still my go to. It just holds in the hand so well and looks great with any atomizer. I recommend the Grey version because the paint doesn't chip, and I've seen some M-Class's that are black and look like shit. The chip is really what sets this device from the pack. The SX350J chip is a wonderful Chinese made chip that pushes down to 0.05 ohms up to 5 ohms, and has Temperature Control which works flawlessly. The battery life is pretty good as well, and with the new LG HG2 batteries, you can easily get an entire day of vaping pretty hard. All in all, I love this thing and I recommend it for anyone who is an experienced vaper and wants a nice high quality mod.



This thing is gorgeous, built well, and feels great. Get the grey because the paint chips on the black.