FAApple Pie2%
CAPSweet Cream1%
CAPVanilla Custard (v1 or v2)0.5%
TFAStrawberry (Ripe)5%
TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%

MIX AT 70VG // 30PG




A Creamy and Velvety Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cheesecake with Strawberry Syrup

This is pretty much a soft and creamy vanilla bean cheesecake, that is sweet and less...cheesy. Who the fuck want's to vape cheese you know? Anywho, the star of this recipe is the crust. It's nice and rich, and more prominent than my other recipe. And that strawberry drizzle comes in nicely adding a sweetness to the entire vape.


CAP Vanilla Custard / TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: This stuff makes up the thick and heavy "cheesecake" flavor of this vape. The reason it tastes "thick" is not because of these particular flavors, but these flavors give a solid vanilla bean foundation. We need this to support the crust, as well as add a nice complexity when introduced to the strawberry flavor. We don't want to add too much of that eggy custard flavor, but we do need to add some of that thick velvety cream. So this is why I used just a touch of CAP Vanilla Custard (a half a percent or 0.5%). In my testings, I've used v2, so I assume v1 will work and maybe taste better. Just know I made this specifically for v2, because of diketones and what not. The TFA VBIC is what gives that "ice cream" flavor obviously, but what makes this flavoring interesting is that it has a nice malty tone to it and to the vanilla. This goes PERFECTLY with a buttery cookie, or crust, in this case. We want to taste a good amount of this ice cream in this base, so 3% is a good point because it's not too heavy on the flavoring, yet not too light to get overrun by the other stuff.

CAP Sweet Cream / FA Meringue: This gives the entire mix a nice soft and velvety feel. Without these flavorings, the recipe tastes too heavy, and too bland. The sweet cream and meringue add just enough sweetness to lighten up that heavy base we just added. Meringue is a little high at 2% because I really want to add in that almost mashmallow sweetness, yet still have that creamy feel. This is a percentage I like to use in order to obtain that effect. The Sweet Cream is only at 1% because we just want to give that meringue a little support, and also sweeten everything up with that signature "milky" flavor the sweet cream brings. These are supporting flavors, so we need to use them as such. 

FA Apple Pie / INW Biscuit: This makes up that nice buttery and flaky crust. The Apple Pie is the secret weapon in this mix because it does a variety of different things. Apple pie at 2% gives that nice crust flavor, almost toasted pastry crust. In order to butter it up I of course add in the INW Biscuit at 1%. That biscuit also rounds out the entire vape as well because of that great buttery flavor that comes with it. We all know how much I love to use Biscuit, and this is a good recipe to understand how I like to use it. The intriguing part I found out about using Apple Pie, though, is that it changes those cream flavors in an odd way. The FA Apple Pie at 2% starts to turn some of those creams into a delightfully sweet, cheesy, flavor. Not too much where it's off putting and weird, but just enough to turn this super creamy "ice cream" flavor into a cheesecake. Hence the "remix". The reason it does this is because the flavor notes that come with the Apple Pie clash with the sweet creams in a way that works for this recipe. I found this out when I was playing around with a lemon meringue pie recipe, and learned it started to turn the meringue into more of a cheesecake flavor. I then realized this would make an interesting ingredient in my original SVBICC mix and, voila, here we are. I will definitely be using more of this crazy flavor, so stock up. 

TFA Strawberry (Ripe): This is that signature strawberry flavor I love to use, and in this case, at 5% it stands up against everything that's going on and adds that nice strawberry syrup flavor to the cheesecake. Any less and it would get hidden, and any more would make this too harsh. So to balance this out I had to pretty much use trial and error, and luckily only took me 2 batches to find the sweet spot.