CAPCreamy Yogurt5%
CAPSweet Strawberry4%
TFAStrawberry (Ripe)4%
TFA / CAPEthyl Maltol / Super Sweet 1.5% / 1%

MIX AT 80VG // 20PG




A Rich, Sweet, Creamy, & Authentic Strawberry Yogurt

Yogurts are so hot right now, and I just cracked the code on the best strawberry yogurt you'll ever vape. This is my go-to yogurt flavor. Also, minus the fruits, this is the perfect yogurt base for those who don't want an astringent and bitter yogurt, and want more of a sweet and creamy yogurt. This is for those who like Gogurt more than Greek Yogurt. 

So CAP has just released their yogurt flavors. Creamy Yogurt and Greek Yogurt. They are probably the best ones out, imo, and stay true to that yogurt taste and feel. Nice, thick and rich. Also, DA/AP free. That being said, I really don't like vaping yogurt. I mean I like to eat it, cause it's healthy, but I much rather have an ice cream or a cake. But I know a lot of people love yogurt vapes, and I'm sure a yogurt base is something that everyone wants. So this has been mine so far. It's pretty good, it's not too sour but it's definitely prominent and makes the vape very authentic.

CAP Creamy Yogurt: This is by far the best yogurt flavoring available. Forget about FA's, FW's, TFA's, FLV's, this is the standard. It is spot on yogurt, and the yogurt that is sweet and candy like. The kind of yogurt for children, rather than the heavy and bitter, Greek brethren. I use this at 5% because I really just want a touch of that signature yogurt flavor, you know, that sour note. I don't want to kill my mix with that sour note because that would be gross, and is the reason why other yogurt vapes have failed me. I just want a touch of it to give you the impression of yogurt and 5% is the perfect spot when used with the accompanying flavors. 

FA Meringue: This adds a nice sweetness to the yogurt flavoring. Without it, that sourness tends to run through a little too much, and this flavor puts a hold on it. You can bump this flavor up to 1% if you do want a little more of that sugary meringue flavor, but I wouldn't go any higher or else you run the risk of overtaking the yogurt's subtitles. 

FA Caramel: This adds a nice sugary dimension to the yogurt, and this also allows a better foundation for fruits. Without this you get a flat and linear flavor. So in order to add some depth and complexity, I used 0.5%. Again you can bump this up to 1% or even 1.5% if you really want to add some of that nice caramel sweetness, but I wouldn't go any higher or else you're going to kill your vape. 

TFA EM / CAP Super Sweet: I don't really recommend Super Sweet, although Capella does, because it kills your coils too fast and I hate that sweetner flavor that comes with it. So I opted for EM at 1.5% This is too really add sweetness and bring down the sour note. This rounds everything out as well, and is almost completely necessary. If you omit the EM, you're going to get a very in your face and quite sour flavor, so I recommend at least just dropping down to 0.5-0.75%. Trust me, you need the sweetness to really balance the CAP Creamy Yogurt out.

CAP Sweet Strawberry / TFA Strawberry (Ripe): These flavors make up the strawberry. I've found that these strawberries at 1:1 ratio CAP/TFA, give the most realistic and tasty strawberry flavor possible. It's so vibrant, sweet, and authentic, and when added into the yogurt base, you have a yogurt flavor that you seriously thought you've just eaten. It's very, very, realistic. And it's also very very delicious. 4% for both these flavorings is the MAX amount you're going to want to add into this because anymore you start to get too harsh, and any less the strawberry isn't as vibrant and isn't the main note. We want the strawberry first with the yogurt as the base, and this concentration nails it.