CAPChocolate Glazed Doughnut7%
FWYellow Cake1%

MIX AT 70VG // 30PG




For a Boston Cream, or Eclair type flavor add in...

TFABavarian Cream2%

Thanks to /u/Salmiery for the recommendation



A Chocolate Doughnut Recipe Taken to New Heights

This is the best doughnut vape I've ever had. A super doughy and fresh baked Doughnut with a sweet and waxy Chocolate Glaze. A Pastry Perfected. The recipe is quite simple and after vaping Fizzmustard's Mustard Milk I realized that I should let the flavors speak more freely before adding in other notes. This is my attempt at doing so and I think I succeeded.

First off we need to address the flavorings involved. I have been getting email after email asking who has these flavors in stock. Unfortunately, since the drop of this recipe, everyone of these flavorings have been VERY hard to obtain. The reason this recipe works so well is because it uses stunning ingredients, so I DO NOT RECOMMEND SUBSTITUTIONS. If you sub out ANY of these flavorings, you're no longer vaping Bronuts, and you are vaping something else. 


CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut: The main note being Chocolate Glazed Donut. Capella knocked it out of the park with this flavor. Chocolate is prominent on the back end, but the chocolate is a nice artificial milk chocolate, exactly like the chocolate laid on top of a doughnut. It's a delicious and full flavor that hits every note a chocolate glazed donut would. And what it's lacking in subtleties and nuances, the rest of the ingredients fill. At 7% you get the full spectrum of this flavor. It's the absolute minimum needed to taste every single flavor note in this wonderful flavoring. We need this flavor to be strong and bold, so we are going to add in some supporting flavors to really add to the depth and complexity. 

FA Joy: So the CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut flavor is the main note. Its the flavor that contains everything we need. But the real secret weapon is the Joy. This is a very odd and specific flavor. It pretty much tastes like nothing you've had before, and ONLY a supporting flavor. This recipe is the PERFECT example of how to use it effectively. FA Joy is the star of this recipe and should not be replaced nor omitted. It gives off a nice waxy sweetness while adding some cakey body. In this recipe the FA Joy plays its role exactly as it should. Giving the entire mix that special cake flavor you get from baked treats. I can't exactly pinpoint what the flavor is, but you will understand once you mix this up. And that sweetness you get from FA Joy dances perfectly with the chocolate. It's almost as if they were made for eachother. You don't need much of it, so at 0.75% you get it to support the doughnut just enough without adding any weight or unwanted flavors. 

FW Yellow Cake: The yellow cake just adds...well...yellow cake. Yellow Cake is probably my favorite FW flavor. An extremely versatile and useful ingredient. The cakey body just brings this entire mix together and I don't think could be replaced. Also there is a nice sweetness that comes with this flavor that no  other flavor has. At 1% you get enough of what you need from this, especially the sweetness.

INW Biscuit: Obviously, you guys know how much I love this flavor. We need some butter to round out this doughnut, and to soften some of the edges. But what also butter does, is really give that Chocolate Glaze a very nice shine and sheen, allowing it to come forward a little more. This flavoring does make the difference. Again, we don't need too much, just enough to glaze the doughnut and add some richness and roundness to everything. 0.75% seems to do the trick.

(OPTIONAL) TFA Bavarian Cream: This was added by /u/Salmiery on the subreddit. He stated "I loved this recipe. But I felt something was missing and the choc glaze doughnut seemed too overwhelming for my liking, had to reel that in a bit. Added some Bavarian Cream to smooth it all the way out.Thanks sir for all your recipes. I call it Boston Cream Bronut". In my opinion, this addition perfectly embodies a Boston Cream Doughnut. He suggests taking Chocolate Glaze Doughnut down to 5%, as well as adding 2% of Bav Cream to compensate. This is an absolutely wonderful addition, and if you're looking for a creamier, more eggy, option, mix up this version.