FAApple Pie2%
TFABrown Sugar Extra1%
CAPSugar Cookie4%
CAPVanilla Custard v21.5%

MIX AT 60vg // 40PG







A Rich Apple Butter Folded into a Nice Warm Oatmeal Cookie.

This is a work in progress, but this rendition is absolutely delicious. It's sweet and the apple is perfectly blended into this rich, sweet almond butter, which is laid atop this warm oatmeal cookie. I'm still tweaking to get the oatmeal more prominent, but I assure you this recipe is still excellent. Enjoy.


CAP Sugar Cookie (v1 or v2): This flavor is actually pretty awesome. Capella has created a very versatile sugar cookie flavor, that transforms into what you want according on what you pair with it. Now, it can be used simply as in, a chocolate cookie, just use this and some chocolate. Or it can be used in complex situations, as in this one, where I take an abstract approach to making an "oatmeal" cookie. At 4% you get a base that isn't very strong, and too be honest I may bump this up to around 6%. I really just need this cookie doughy flavor from this flavoring without all the accompanying flavor notes it has. So I opted to keep it low for now to really showcase this flavors butter content, fluffiness, and doughiness. And to really touch on that oatmeal, we need to keep it low enough to play with.

CAP Vanilla Custard, FA Cookie, Almond: These flavors together create a nice rich Almond Butter, that we will fold into the apple to create an apple butter. So the custard is the main ingredient here because it offers such a rich and full bodied flavor that the other flavorings just attach to. We don't need much, and we definitely don't want to overpower anything else, so at 1.5% you get a nice balance, where the custard still does the job but doesn't overtake and subtle flavors. The FA Cookie and Almond just adds that tinge to the Almond Butter that makes it what it is. Almond butter necessarily doesn't taste like Almonds, it's more of a creamy and sweet spread. So to mimic this flavor, I found Cookie tastes pretty much spot on. So think of blending this flavor with a little almond and some custard and you have a nice Almond Butter Spread you can put atop pastries. 

FA Fuji Apple, Apple Pie, TFA Brown Sugar: This makes that deliciously caramelized apple flavor that we need to fold into everything. And I keep saying fold because that is what we need to do in order to separate this flavor so it stands on it's own. If you blend something you tend to homogenize and make it one, where it takes on the flavors of everything else. We don't want that with this apple, we just want some apple flavor that's prominent and strong, though, allows the other flavors to shine. So it's a strong balancing act we need to figure out. The Fuji is the main note, it just has such a pleasing flavor to it, so I used it at 2.5% for it to really come through up front. The Apple Pie is what thickens up that Fuji, and gives it a nice solid base to sit on. This allows the Fuji to grow within the cookie as well. The Brown Sugar is what caramelizes that apple and sweetens the fuck out of it, but in the best way possible. And what else the Apple Pie and BSE do, is to turn that sugar cookie, into a more oatmeal flavor