INWRaspberry Koncentrat0.5%
FAFresh Cream0.5%
TFABavarian Cream1%
FWYellow Cake1%

(OPTIONAL) Acetyl Pyrazine (5%) - 0.5%

MIX AT 70VG // 30PG




A Sweet Raspberry & Apple Macaron Tossed in Powdered Sugar

A sweet and tart raspberry apple flavor through out with a light crunchy almond cookie on the exhale and a sprinkle of powered sugar at the end. This flavor is wildly complex, and those with well developed palates will really appreciate all the subtleties from it. But you can also just enjoy this vape without much thought as the flavor profiles fit perfectly together. Take your time and enjoy this vape, don't rush it, or you'll miss what it has to offer. This is, in my opinion, my best recipe to date. 


INW Raspberry Koncentrat / FA Fuji: These two flavors together create one of the best flavor matches I've had. The candy raspberry from the INW works so well with the authentic and sharp Fuji. I'm using these at low percentages because they are potent, and not only that, but the almond macaron is so delicate it's easy to override it. This balance took a very long time to figure out, but is the reason why this recipe is regarded as one of the best. At 1% you really get the full flavor from the Raspberry, yet it's soft enough to allow it to be blended into the cookie. The Fuji really just adds a little more tartness and complexity, while really bringing out the best from the Raspberry. I love these two together so much, I can be perfectly happy just vaping them alone.

FA Cookie / Almond / FW Yellow Cake: This makes up the macaron. Cookie at 2% is the perfect amount to really give enough bite and flavor, while giving play to other flavors. Also, the specific flavor from Cookie is the perfect foundation to build a Macaron on. FA Almond is the reason the recipe works. It turns the Cookie into a Macaron, gives a nice sweetness that doesn't protrude on anything, and just makes for a delicious pair. At 1.5% you get the perfect balance into a macaron, and any more or less simply just doesn't work. FW Yellow cake just allows these two to really pull together and tightens up the macaron. This flavor also allows the fruit to really bind to it, and at 1% you don't get any of that artificial sweetness that comes with it at higher percentages.

FA Fresh Cream / TFA Bavarian Cream: These are supporting flavors to help balance the macaron and the fruits. Without them things tend to get a little too confusing because it's too hard to distinguish the flavor profiles apart. So in order to really etch the line between the macaron and the fruits, I added in these creams. The Fresh Cream works well with the fruits and the Bav Cream works with the macaron. I used them quite low because I didn't want too much of their flavors, and really just wanted them to support the others. They also round everything out and smooth everything over.

FA Meringue / Torrone: These flavors together, and along with the other flavorings, create that magical "powdered sugar" effect. When you vape this, you'll notice a nice sweetness at the end of the vape, which almost even mimic powdered sugar being on your lips. It adds to the entire experience, and really makes this flavor special. The complexity of this mix is something I pride myself on, and this found addition really showcases it. Now, if you were to try to mimic the powdered sugar effect just by using these flavorings, you might find it doesn't work. That is because you need every accompanying flavor in this mix for it to work. It's very specific. But here, it's a very prominent feature, and a delicious one at that!