FAFresh Cream1%
FAVienna Cream2%
FWVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%
TFAVanilla Swirl2%

(OPTIONAL) MTS Wizard: 1 drop per 15ml

(OPTIONAL) TFA Koolada to taste






'Sicle: An Orange Creamsicle Bar that is Heavy on the Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a very delicious Orange Creamsicle bar, and one of my favorite ADV's. You get a nice sweet mandarin and orange throughout the entirety of the vape, but the magic comes from the cream. The cream is nice and velvety, rich and bold, and the vanilla is perfectly blended. This is perfect for a hot summer day, or when you need a flavor that is basic and vibrant. 

Flavor Notes:

FA Mandarin / FA Orange: This is the orange flavor. FA Orange is a very weak flavor, and flat as well, when it's by itself. Mandarin is a much more flavorful and exciting flavoring, so this is why I chose to use mandarin as the star of this mix. Using Mandarin at 3.5% really gives off a delicious and vibrant orange flavor. Coupled with Orange at 1.5% you cover every aspect of an orange you could want. That FA Orange base really allows the Mandarin to steep against the creams, but it mainly just helps the Mandarin be stable. Without the orange the Mandarin can get lost in the creams, and taste somewhat linear and flat. 

FA Vienna Cream / Fresh Cream: This is the ice cream. One of the OG's, HeadInClouds's or HIC, has a flavor note that really stands true and that is VC:FC used at 2:1 ratio is a great way to make an ice cream. I really feel like he's right, and I used that in the same way in this recipe. I wouldn't go ANY higher than the percentages here, because then this ice cream starts to turn into cheese because of all the Buytric acids. But when kept low at these percentages, you get a very rich and velvety ice cream base that mixes well with fruits and stands against the steep. 

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream / TFA Vanilla Swirl: This makes up the vanilla bean that accompanies the mix. Without these flavoring, you still do get a nice Orange Creamsicle, but it's missing the complexity and depth that I like. Also without this the mix somewhat feels too flat and linear, and the vanilla really does an amazing job at rounding everything out. I use FW VBIC because of the sweetness this flavor has, against the popular TFA counterpart. The sweetness adds to everything here, and at 3% you still get all the vanilla and sugar, without taking anything away from the other flavors. TFA Vanilla swirl is also a great way to add in vanilla without adding too much weight to everything. I could've used Vanillin instead, but I still wanted to round out the mix a little more, so this creamier version of vanilla is a better choice. 

(OPTIONAL) TFA Koolada: This is an optional addition, but it adds to the experience. You don't want to use too much here, because f all the creams. Maybe 1 drop per 5ml or even 1 drop per 10ml. You really just want to add a little bit of coolness to further enhance the authenticity of this traditional treat. Do not use menthol because you don't want to add any mint, just a touch of koolada should do the trick.