TFABanana Cream5.5%
TFABrown Sugar1%
TFACheesecake (Graham Crust)3%
FAFresh Cream1%
FAVienna Cream2%
CAPSweet Strawberry5%
TFAAcetyl Pyrazine (5%)0.5%
  • (Optional) MTS Vape Wizard - 1 drop per 15ml
  • (Optional) TFA Koolada - 1-2 Drops per 5ml or to desired effect

BOARDWALK: An Ice Cold Strawberry and Banana Milkshake with hints of Vanilla Bean

A sweet strawberry with banana flavor, with a slight cooling effect to further perfect the ice cream. This stuff is an extremely easy, quick, and delicious summertime vape. Perfect on a hot day by the pool with a margarita or pina coolada. All my friends have been vaping the shit out of this, and I can't keep any in stock for myself.


Flavor Notes:

TFA Banana Cream: This flavoring is the star of the mix. Many people seem to like Lorann's Banana Cream a lot more than they like this one. But for me, and more specifically, for this mix, TFA's version is superior. Mainly due to how much more creamier it is. At 6% the banana holds up well against the steep, the strawberry, and the heavy creams. It probably can even be pushed up just a notch, or adding another banana in if you feel you want more banana. It also sweetens the creams and plays off the strawberry perfectly at this percentage.

CAP Sweet Strawberry: This is a perfect example to why you should have this flavor in your arsenal. There's situations where TFA's strawberries just don't do the job. This strawberry holds up against the steep, creams, and bananas. It also adds complexity and much more flavor. At 5% this strawberry just sits at the perfect place where it's not too upfront and tart, but not swallowed by the heaviness of all the other heavy bases.

TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust): As everyone knows, you don't just use TFA Cheesecake, as it's terrible. But Cheesecake with graham crust is delicious. 4% is the perfect amount to add nice body and depth, and allowing that graham note to blend in and give everything a sort of "malty" flavor. Any more and things start to mute, so balance is key here. But this flavoring is meant for milkshakes, and this recipe is the pinnacle of what it can do.

FA Meringue / Fresh Cream / Vienna Cream: Unlike the cheesecake, these creams make up the "milk". It's essential to allow a nice sweet base for the fruits to rest on so that's where the FA Meringue comes to play. At 2% Meringue becomes a really nice sweet cream with a touch of white sugar. It's quite high for this flavoring, but with the other flavorings, it works. I wouldn't go over 2% and if you feel things are too creamy, don't worry about dropping meringue to around 1% or even 0.5%. Fresh Cream and Vienna cream add more milkiness, and add a nice whipped cream topping. Vienna also adds a nice vanilla bean touch which just adds another layer of complexity to everything. Just like meringue, if you feel things are too creamy, drop down a half a percentage, and you should be OK. Whatever you do do not go any higher. I really pushed this recipe to it's limits. 

TFA Brown Sugar Extra: This just adds more to the "malt" of the milkshake, while adding sweetness to the fruits and the milk. Just a touch is enough for things to really come together, and I wouldn't recommended going any higher. If you don't have this flavoring you can probably omit it, though things might not have that extra jazz you get when it's in there. 

MTS Wizard / Koolada: These are the enhancers for the mix and just really fine tune everything. The Koolada turns everything into a fucking delicious smoothie, and turn the flavorings up another notch. Adding in Koolada is a fucking AWESOME addition and really serve you well in the summer heat. I highly recommended not omitting it. The wizard on the other hand just blends everything nicely, and gives the entire mix some softness to it. It can be omitted if you don't have, but just remember to steep a little longer.